AdSense Overhaul: Google Introduces View-Based Publisher Payments

Get ready for a game-changer! Google AdSense is flipping the script on payouts. Come next year, it’s not just about clicks—it’s about views.

Here's the lowdown: AdSense will now pay you for every pair of eyes on an ad, not just the clickers. And they're splitting the revenue, so you see exactly where your money's coming from. You pocket 80% of the ad cash, after fees.

But here's the kicker: Google says your earnings won't really change.

Photo: DIW

Why does this matter? Knowledge is king. With this new system, publishers can see their ad income more clearly. And that means making smarter money moves.

Let's break down the 80%. If you’re using AdSense for content, you get 80% of the revenue, minus any fees, no matter who sells the ad space.

Example? When Google Ads sells space on your site, they keep around 15%. You typically end up with about 68% in your pocket. But when a third party steps in, Google steps out. They don't touch the fees. You still get your 80%.

Impressions are now the name of the game. It's a simpler way to compare what you earn on Google with other platforms. And don’t worry, you can still show the same number of ads.

But play by the rules. AdSense has policies. No annoying pop-ups or screen-hogging ads allowed.

Dan Taylor from Google tips his hat to ad tech. It keeps the web creative and diverse. Google's committed to helping publishers big and small make money and grow. They promise to keep the web open and the money matters clear.

So, brace yourself. Google's clear-cut approach is set to make some waves!

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