Google Vows To Comply With Canada’s Online News Act After Striking Mega $100 Million Deal

Search engine giant Google has struck a major deal with Canada worth $100 million that would be paid to the nation in order for it to comply with the country’s stark Online News Act.

The last time we heard about the matter was in June of this year when the Android maker confirmed that it would be getting rid of news links arising from the country’s leading media outlets. This meant you would no longer be able to find such data in the News, Search, or even the Discover section of the leading search engine.

The reason for the behavior was simple, and that was linked to how the country’s lawmakers had passed a Bill called the Online News Act into law. Hence, the latter required top tech firms such as the search engine giant to strike deals with separate news outlets in the country so it could publish links to their material across its long list of services.

During that moment in time, the company mentioned how the decision was not something that many people saw coming. Seeing a price tag attached to links was similar to the works of a tax that created a certain type of uncertainty for so many of its products. At the same time, it was exposing them to financial liabilities, only to make it easy for citizens to get news access from publishers in their nation.

Now, it’s a whole different ballgame altogether. Seeing Google switch sides and get into an abrupt deal with the country means they’re willing to comply with the nation’s law. As a part of the deal, they’ll be splurging a whopping $100 million as a type of financial support done each year, keeping in mind the rates of inflation that keep on fluctuating.

This would be for a long list of businesses working in Canada including those providing news independently as well as those giving out content that has to do with local language communities who are a minority.

The company says it would also get the chance to work with a solo collective to try and evenly distribute its data to all those who are interested in providing their news content, depending on the figure for full-time journalists that were engaged in such companies.

The figure of $100 million CAD is similar to a value of $74 million in the US. And the deal has reportedly forced the country’s lawmakers to say yes to several changes that addressed so many leading concerns such as paying for links and making financial liabilities via unworkable processes for the sake of getting bargain offers.

Another post put out by Google itself mentioned. It was currently involved with authorities from the government to solve more issues linked to the latest Bill C-18. Common examples included the likes of a more streamlined approach that proved how committed they were to accepting the offer and regulations outlined.
Both the company and Canada are now in a pact but the same cannot be said for Facebook’s parent firm Meta. The latter was seen pulling out posts from its Facebook and Instagram apps that had to do with Canadian news websites arising in June.

Meta says the only way by which it could comply with the latest law from Canada is by putting a halt to news content that’s available to citizens in Canada through its Facebook and Instagram apps. So as you can see, Google’s problem is solved but not Meta’s.

Google Vows To Comply With Canada’s Online News Act After Striking Mega $100 Million Deal
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