Angry Elon Musk Openly Slams Advertisers For Leaving X And Accuses Them Of Killing The Company

A very visibly upset Elon Musk was seen blasting all the advertisers who have opted to leave the company.

The news comes after a recently published report slammed the platform for strategically aligning ads from top brands against controversial content. While the company vowed to investigate the matter, it just was not a good enough explanation for the act, causing them to suspend activity with immediate effect.

Musk has asked all those who chose to leave X to go and f**k themselves while accusing them of having ill intentions of killing his social media platform. After all, Musk and his line of top executives including the CEO have worked so hard to bring back advertisers.

But seeing them leave again seems to be the worst-case scenario and Musk is just tired, blurting out his words while attending the recently held DealBook conference by the New York Times.

Calling it one of the stupidest posts that he’s ever published on any app, Musk did not shy away from blasting top advertisers for planning to sabotage his company by halting ads. He similarly spoke about them trying to blackmail the tech billionaire with funds.

It’s been a torturous few weeks for Elon Musk who was called out for siding with anti-semitic posts regarding the Jews as the conflict in Gaza escalates. His app was also accused of not doing enough to control the ever-growing misinformation that keeps on peaking as we speak.

And now seeing this would make anyone in charge upset, and Musk is clearly no exception.

Musk’s posts drew criticism from plenty of individuals across the board including the White House, causing mega backlash for the outspoken personality. But this time around, Musk does realize that he might have said too much and did apologize which in itself is major news.

To be more specific, Musk slammed the head of Disney, Robert Iger who he calls Bob for putting an end to ads on the app, causing huge losses for his company. Other brands that followed included the likes of Universal, IBM, Apple, and more.

Just recently, we saw Musk being in the headlines for possibly providing Starlink access for humanitarian purposes in Gaza. But that again drew criticism from Israel, who slammed the firm and threatened to cut ties if it was done. This led the Tesla and SpaceX owners to issue a statement, clarifying how that was just speculation and nothing would be done without obtaining permission from Israel and the US.

Meanwhile, Musk was invited by Hamas two days back to come forward and witness the destruction in the Gaza Strip but he declined the offer, citing major security concerns, as the place was too dangerous and risky to visit at this moment in time.

For now, Musk just wants people to relax and not pass judgment about him based on what he says but actually on what he does. He reiterated how X has proved to many through its actions how committed it is to providing them the best means of free speech for all.

He has therefore mentioned time and time again how the main reason why he has such leading powers is because of the fact that he executes well and walks the walk, not just talk the talk,

The future for Elon Musk’s X certainly seems dark for now as there are no signs of leading advertisers ever wanting to come back.

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