Google Personalizes Users’ Search Experience With The Launch Of New Features Including A Follow Button

Search engine giant Google seems to be on a roll as the company recently mentioned how it is catering to its users' needs through the launch of a tailored search experience.

The goal seems to be linked to giving searchers a long list of information that they need or helping them discover elements that they are in search of. This comes with search features that are new on the block including an innovative Follow Button, new creator snippets, more updates for results, and others. Let’s take a look at each of them in detail.

The Follow feature on Google Search is the latest talk of the town which is designed to keep users updated at all times. It is also created to ensure searchers are coming back for more. Through such a feature, users can subscribe to all kinds of topics where searchers are given a list to choose from that caters to their needs and interests.

For subscription, simply press on the Follow button and the search engine will let you know about the topic and offer updates in your feed, including when you revisit that particular search.

In the same manner, users will be allowed to unfollow as well as unsubscribe willingly for all topics. So you’ll see how it won’t work for topics dubbed sensitive the company revealed that it was first rolled out in English for now and that’s where the Search Results were shown on the Googe Application as well as the search results seen on the mobile.

In other talks, there is a feature called News For You that displays News Topics as well as innovative content surrounding that was followed. This entails updates regarding how such rollouts work on the app.

Google says it could adopt the snippets of search to display customized content across search results depending on users’ interests. Similarly, it could even send users alerts about updates when new material surrounding their topic gets released.

Similarly, Google is launching an innovative ranking feature that sees which websites users can visit and also displays them at a frequent rate in their results when searching for topics. It’s very much like the company’s past offering of previous queries where you’re shown results depending on what you last searched for.

In the ranking offering, Google has opted to rank content over other pages that you search for, giving you customization at its best. Hence, when you end up comparing with your friend, you’re bound to get opposite results as these are customized to your preferences.

Therefore, users’ search histories are retained for such reasons only so that they are personalized and you cannot turn the feature off, even if you wish when carrying out your respective searches.

In other news, there will also be another feature dubbed Others’ Perspectives seen on Google Search. The company has updated this to help with learning from a long list of other results. After the user clicks on such filters, they will be able to see content through such social media apps and other kinds of blog posts too.

The Perspectives feature will be launched soon on desktops as it’s undergoing its respective testing phase. But if you wish to use it, it’s rolled out for search on mobile phones.

Last but not least, the app has launched some more exciting highlights regarding data of people that generate content, called Creator Details. You can find more about this through search results that showcase not only details about follower count but also accounts that can be accessed through social media and so many others.

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