European Commission Urged To Investigate Apple’s iMessage Platform For Competitive Behavior As Google And Other Mobile Operators Raise Concerns

The launch of Apple’s iMessage has always been a keen area of interest for Google and other leading mobile carriers. After all, no one likes more competition entering the market and taking over their dominance.

This just might be one of the many reasons why the search engine giant alongside other mobile carriers wants the EC to investigate the service as they feel it goes against the Digital Markets Act (DMA) that’s all set to take center stage by next year.

The fight is nothing new but it’s something that has been brewing for a while after Apple tried to make its messaging service more compatible with all kinds of devices and not just theirs. However, mobile operators are not willing to sit quietly and see the tech giant take away their market as they feel the behavior is unlawful.

The DMA mentions in bold terms how gatekeepers cannot promote their own system or add restrictions for third parties that happen to be functioning within it.

Such gatekeepers are those who fulfill certain types of requirements in the categories of usage or finance like Alphabet, Google’s parent firm and even South Korean tech giant Samsung among many others.

Therefore, we’re seeing a new type of investigation unfold before our eyes in this regard to determine whether or not the hype that these mobile operators are making is true or not. Does Apple’s action really go against the DMA or not?

The Cupertino firm has long argued how that is not the case and that its iMessage offering is so small scale in nature when you compare it to others working in the same industry and offering similar findings.

Moreover, there is also a lack of usage and even the cost related to doing so which makes all of this so far from from affecting the law. But that is not what executives at the other companies feel.

Be it Orange, Google, and more- they’re all in favor of deeming the behavior enriched as it is solely up for grabs to users at Apple. And that just makes it so exclusive.

Remember, the iMessaging platform does not very easily put out rewards for conducting chats with the company’s devices or for being a user of the company. You’ll see your conversations staying the color blue, until and unless any Android participant enters this circle. The latter would suddenly be highlighted green when this happens.

Apple's iMessage faces a challenge from EU law and tech giants for broader messaging integration.
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Speaking about the technical aspect of things, we’ll see users of Android attain images that are lower in quality and the same goes for video content whenever it is rolled out through the likes of iMessage. Additionally, all of these messages could be released through Wi-Fi, and that just limits the amount of data required if you’re on the run or are low on data for a particular month.

One statement was rolled out by Apple that proved how exclusively it does benefit its users where the iPhone maker mentioned how consumers have a wide range of access to different sorts of messaging platforms.

They are using so many things at one given time and it shows how simple it can be to make these types of switches. Moreover, you can do it in one go, providing its user-friendly behavior and acceptance.

The messaging service by Apple is created for the sake of personal consumer interactions and it’s similarly marketed in that manner too. And that is why Apple feels its service isn’t falling in the precinct of the DMA that is launching soon.

H/T: FT.

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