Elon Musk Receives Critical Backlash Online With His Controversial Response To Anti-Semitic Tweets

Elon Musk appears like he might need to rethink what he says online after his long list of arguably controversial and bigoted posts isn’t going unnoticed by the world.

The SpaceX and Tesla owner is known for speaking his mind and getting in trouble for that, and this seems to be a repetitive theme as his recent tweets managed to do just that. Getting attention from critics across the board, many were not happy with his actions, while some called him out for being a hypocrite.

The news came on Wednesday when Musk seemingly showed acceptance with a theory related to the antisemitic conspiracy. And if that was not enough, he went right back to accusing a long list of communities of Jewish origin of unlawful behavior. But he failed to provide any justification for how strongly he felt about the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and a long list of minorities who felt were holding anti-white perspectives.

The fact that such behavior arises during a time when anti-Semitism is at its peak in the country is shocking for some, while others feel he’s too busy trying to use his powerful influence to stir the pot during such a crucial time.

Just yesterday, IBM suspended all of its activities linked to monetization through ads of content on the app and called out X for intentionally placing its ads near hateful and discriminatory posts. And despite X denying such claims and vowing to take strict action against the behavior, many are not convinced as similar ads from Apple, Oracle, and more were seen doing the same.

Initially, the world’s richest person got plenty of attention when he agreed to his antisemitic conspiracies. Later on, he accused many Jewish communities and other minorities of actions that were promoting hate against the Whites but no proof was provided.

Remember, Musk with his staggering network of $225 billion is the head of so many popular firms that have employees accounting for 150k globally. This includes the likes of Neuralink, X, and the new kid on the block that uses AI, xAI.

It all began when the tech entrepreneur got attention with his comments on a post accusing Jews of putting out the same type of hatred against the entire White community that they feel others are using against their name. So to put an end to such actions, they need to stop doing the same.

Therefore, Musk agreed to the controversial post and said that there was nothing more real and true than this. So when you come to think of it, he is agreeing with the behavior and that might not go down well at all with Jews engaged in a sensitive conflict as we speak.

But the responses came through from the head of the Anti-Defamation League immediately. He says that during a period when the world struggles with anti-Semitism, it’s dangerous and alarming to see one of the industry’s leaders validate such wrongful actions and theories without thinking about the consequences.

Let’s not forget about how the company that Musk seems to target is designed to work against antisemitic incidents, hate, and other kinds of discriminatory acts across the nation. Hence, it’s a big deal to go down and accuse it.

Seeing him write such big words without any form of evidence is unjust, many felt, even seeing him call out the ADL for attacking most of the West was alarming to many critics. He further endorsed hateful tweets, calling out the league and asking them to stop as they fail to call out the minority groups that are really the ones posing the biggest threat.

Photo by Trevor Cokley / U.S. Air Force Academy

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