Charged Up But Rarely Rolling: The Curious Case of EV Mileage

You might be surprised to learn that, our Electric Vehicles (EVs) are like the gym memberships of the automotive world. We get them with the best of intentions—to save the planet, feel good about our choices, and show off a bit when we glide silently past the gas or petrol stations. But it turns out, just like that gym card that mostly sees the inside of a wallet, our shiny EVs aren't hitting the streets as often as we thought.

Researchers with some serious number-crunching skills took a peek at how much EVs are actually driven and, oops, it looks like they're the couch potatoes of cars. These plug-in rides are getting around 4,500 fewer miles of action per year compared to their fossil-fueled friends. Electric cars are like, "I'll just sit this one out," lounging comfortably with an annual 7,165 miles, while traditional fuel-based cars are out there running marathons with 11,642 miles.

And Teslas, the supposed marathon runners of electric cars? Still not clocking in the miles they should. It's like having all the gear for a workout and then just chilling at the smoothie bar.

So, why is this a giggle? Because it's like we've been telling everyone we're going green, but our EVs are just taking mini green steps. This isn't just a funny "oops" moment, though—it's big news for the policy peeps. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) might have been a tad too optimistic, thinking EVs and gas cars are like twins in how much they drive.

Turns out, those clean, green, electric machines might just need a pep talk or a better network of charging stations to really get in the game. Because right now, they're acting like that friend who says they'll come to the party and then bails to binge-watch shows at home.

In the end, EVs still have the potential to be eco-superheroes... but first, they've gotta get off the couch and rack up those miles.

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