YouTube Experiments With New Future Comments Deactivating Feature For Selected Videos

Social media giant YouTube is experimenting with a new offering that helps deactivate future comments.

The tech giant says it will be testing out the new rollout to help give creators the chance to have greater control over a selected number of videos that are bombarded with comments. This will also ensure that they can still keep any comments that were posted earlier but prevent the addition of more in the future.

The popular video-sharing app says it is on the lookout for a greater number of ways by which it can manage the various discussions linked to different video clips.

To be more precise, creators already have the option to turn off the comments found on videos, which are seen at the video level as well as the level of the creator’s channel.

While doing just that, all other comments get deactivated, and that includes those posted at the start which is not fun. Now, the latest feature allows creators to work around this hurdle better and serves as a better strategy than holding up some comments they feel need to be reviewed first before being posted. The latter is not a simple means to keep comments on hold at any given point in time.

The latest process is designed to include a little bit of middle ground so that you can attain some sort of discussion, even if the creator opts to turn the option for comments off.

A statement was made by YouTube regarding this front including how they are carrying out all sorts of experiments that help with comment moderation settings like Pause. The latter assists creators in terms of preventing the addition of new comments taking place at a video level while holding out any comments that were published beforehand.

Those taking part in the recent rolled-out test for this latest feature will soon see a new option where they can click on pause in their comment settings which are found across the app’s watch page and can be seen on the platform or its Studio page that is widely seen on cellphones as well as desktop for computers.

It is definitely something that is very simple and provides a greater sense of control in terms of video-related discussions. Moreover, we can see how this would come in handy in those scenarios where content gets plenty of attention, thanks to all types of news events and attacks.

After having this feature activated through the settings tab, viewers get the chance to see an option that mentions Comments Paused. This alert seen in the comments is wonderful as it displays updates and gives them the chance to scroll across different replies that popped up in the past.

Moreover, all the creators of this newly rolled-out test will similarly see three categories featured in the comment control that include Pause, Off, as well as On with more sub-settings designed to handle comment moderation.

We can similarly see such a new feature on YouTube be very helpful in those specific cases which gives a greater sense of control when it comes down to the app’s experience.

For now, it’s just an experiment but YouTube does feel confident about it as the test entails a limited figure of channels at the start. But with time, we hope to see more and the feature rolling out to all users on both desktop as well as mobile phones.

We will surely keep you updated in terms of when and if that takes place so please stay tuned.

Photo: DIW

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