Twitter Rebrand May Be Costing the Platform Money

Twitter's rebrand has not been a success, according to new data from AppFigures. The company's downloads have dropped consecutively for the past three months, and revenue has also taken a sharp turn downwards in September. However, revenue is still nearly twice as high as it was in January.

The rebrand was launched in July 2023, and it was met with mixed reactions from users. Some praised the new design, while others criticized it for being totally out of this world. The logo X is something users are considering as cross lines to the epic Twitter bird.

As per AF, X "downloads have dropped consecutively from 13M in July, rebrand month, to 11M in August, and 9M in September". And as per AF's estimate "net revenue in September was $4.8M, nearly a million dollars less than August."

This data shows X is still not able to churn out good revenue as a social network.

Only time will tell whether Twitter's rebrand will ultimately be successful. However, the current data suggests that the rebrand has not been a success so far.

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