Social Media Marketers In The Spotlight: What Challenges Are On The Rise In 2023

You’ll often see social media professionals routinely be given all sorts of tasks and positions to deal with, depending on how so many platforms are evolving with time.

From coming up with new plans to complete execution, not to mention dealing with staffing problems- the list is endless. But it’s these kinds of variations that make the position quite intriguing as per reports from a recent study conducted by Hootsuite.

It is now providing some very interesting insights about people in the world of social media to give a better comprehension of how their work is better perceived. This includes some major issues and how the industry is altering with time.

The scenario continues to alter and we have seen so many firms resorting to layoffs in the past year. Therefore, we can see how this survey comes at a particular time when it’s most needed.

Around 3800 people were taken in this survey and it covered some serious topics like what people expected from their jobs, what pay rate estimate was needed, and how satisfied they were.

For starters, we thought it would be interesting to look at the challenges that most managers are facing and a lot of people couldn’t help but speak about how much they could relate.

Most added how they just didn’t have enough time and they really wished to do it all. From AR effects to the best VR experiences and whatnot, there’s a lot that they wished to do but time constraints put a stop to that.

But there’s only a small amount that one can do and in a lot of cases, this means that the social media manager is covering all crucial aspects but plenty of horizons are on the rise.

Also, you’ll see how 56% of most individuals do not feel like bosses comprehend the term social. But we’ve got good news on how that’s altering with time but at the start, some called it out as a huge frustration.

You are creating the right strategy that’s linked to an erroneous understanding of what social media marketers can give.

So the challenges are plenty but it’s not wrong to mention that social media managers enjoy every little aspect of their job.

As per one recent report, close to 77% mentioned how positive they were in attaining their position while the cohort delineated how those having positions solely directed toward social media seem to be the happiest.

This is not the usual practice and most social media managers divide when it comes to different elements.

Maybe that is linked to those having super dedicated roles in the social media domain but challenges having to do with tracking ROIs continue to restrict people big time.

The study also gave a glance at the great advantages linked to those who work from home for the manager position. And there were no astonishing findings here. Moreover, the stats also spoke about the average salary rates for professionals in the social media market, adding great benchmarks for the next meeting as well.

Another point that we found to be very interesting is how 29% of those in managerial positions on social media spoke about advancing toward higher management positions. This is clear how social media has really matured into something big and most people do see it as a great business opportunity. However, it’s still not given the same significance as other more classic offerings out there today.

Another conclusion that you can draw here is how social media managers do not turn out to be the best people managers. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. It’s all a rather interesting ordeal.

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