Social Media Benchmarks: What Are the Average Engagement Rates for Your Industry?

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, the growth and evolvement of a country have been tied to the success of its industrial sector. With a crippling industry, economic growth is stagnant, thus resembling the country's incapability of progression.

One significant factor that symbolizes an industry's excelling is its engagement rates. The higher the engagement rates, the more performance it will have, making the particular industry more economically prosperous.

The data for the engagement rates was obtained through anonymous data from different social accounts that are all connected by Hootsuite. Moreover, each engagement rate benchmark consists of more than 100 accounts.

For the agency industry, the most engagement was on Instagram, with an average of 2.06%, then on LinkedIn (1.18%), and finally on Twitter (1.02%). On TikTok and Facebook, the engagement was 0.71% and 0.82%.

For the education industry, the highest engagement levels were shown on the platform Instagram (3.16%), then on LinkedIn (1.81%), and at last on Facebook (1.63%). There was noticeable engagement on Twitter (1.03%) and TikTok (0.52%).

The entertainment and media industry engagement levels were recorded the most on TikTok, almost eight times higher than the second-placed platform. TikTok had 9.77% engagement for the entertainment and media industry, while Instagram had 1.66%, Twitter had 1.4%, LinkedIn had 1.32%, and Facebook bagged engagement levels of 1.09%.

For financial services, the most engagement levels were on Instagram (1.87%), then on LinkedIn (1.74%), and then on Twitter (0.99%). While Tiktok had an engagement level of (0.64%) and Facebook had (0.97%).

For the food and beverage industry, Instagram had the most engagement levels (1.49%); in second place was LinkedIn (1.11%), and in third came Twitter (0.79%). Tiktok had an engagement of 0.64%, and Facebook had (0.71%).

For the healthcare and wellness industry, the most engagement was seen on Instagram (2.28%), then on LinkedIn (1.61%) and finally on Facebook (1.31%). On TikTok, the engagement level was 0.75%, and on Twitter, it was 0.92%.

For the tech industry, the highest engagement level was on LinkedIn (1.72%). Second place came Instagram (1.47%), and third came to Twitter (1.34%). Facebook had an engagement of 1%, and Tiktok had 0.55%.

For the travel, leisure, and hospitality industry, the highest engagement levels were on TikTok (6.01%%), then on LinkedIn (1.47%), second last on Instagram (1.7%), and lastly on Twitter (1.32%).

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