LinkedIn Expands Display For Customized CTA Buttons To Drive Greater Engagement

Social media giant LinkedIn is rolling out an enhanced display featuring CTA buttons so profiles can benefit. The goal of this feature is to facilitate greater creator engagement.

The new lineup of buttons will be seen across search results as well as on posts published in-stream.

We first heard about this endeavor in April of this year where premium users were given the chance to benefit from this rollout first. This helped subscribers add the buttons to their respective profiles with the help of a single preset message that came as a collection of six different variants.

The idea is to drive greater engagement as more profile visitors would be directed to a particular URL via the app’s presence.

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Images were displayed by the company as visual examples that showed how one specific CTA called for Visiting My Store on a profile in the picture. But now, this will also be popping up across feed posts of users as well, one social media expert shared today.

While we agree it’s not very noticeable across the top of user profiles, the app appears to be falling short of room to include such headings. Moreover, search labels are designed to be prominent and give rise to a new way through which creators can produce direct traffic via the app. And that in itself may help to serve as a new incentive to better the user’s presence on the platform.

The company has long been working toward giving the creator the right type of tools to build a presence and ensure their followers keep increasing. The goal seems to be linked to bettering the activity of posts and ensuring people stay glued to the app for a longer period of time.

Similar to how other social media apps function, the company is also making the effort to lean into the realms of the broader Creator Economy. And that’s even if the latter is not doing too great right now or serving too many benefits because a lot of individuals aren’t working for the app in a direct manner.

It’s true that a lot of influencers are making some huge sums of money through posts across social media and we also know how many people do end up converting that into an actual means of making a living, including the position of a content creator. However, this concept appears to be linked more toward enticing users that they can make huge sums of money through social media posting. And for the majority, that’s never the case.

But again, the greater the opportunities that come into place, the greater the chances for success. So yes, while it might not exactly be a creator economy, we can better think of it as a fantasy. Therefore, many of us can dive into it by taking the leap and who knows, it could pay off.

But that again is on the side. The main point worth noticing here is how the company is including greater chances for creators to get success and better their reach as well as a presence on the platform. Innovation and drive to make a change is there and that must be appreciated.

Let’s not forget how the app is already witnessing some record-breaking engagement when it comes to usage. This is being done via original content sharing on the platform which continued to flourish in an upward direction last year. Figures quoted were nearly a whopping 41% rise from previous stages.

So as you can imagine, the opportunity is there and such tools really do go the extra mile in terms of giving users the chance to grow further.

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