Meta's Threads Elevates Social Media Game with Polls and GIFs

Instagram Threads, Meta's answer to competitor social media platform X, is going down with a fight. Threads has just added support for two exciting features in its quest to stay relevant and attract users: polls and GIFs. This comes from several other recent updates aimed at keeping Threads competitive against its formidable rivals.

Quick Success:

Threads, with its growing user base of nearly 100 million active users each month, has been making a significant impact with its frequent and exciting updates. These updates have introduced a range of new features, including a web version, the highly anticipated edit button, profile switching capabilities, likes functionality, comprehensive search options, a chronological feed presentation, and even the option for voice posts.

These bold moves have not gone unnoticed by Mark Zuckerberg himself, CEO of Meta (formerly known as Facebook), who recognizes the immense potential that Threads holds to become an app used by billions of people worldwide.

Borrowing from the Best:

As Threads strives to hook and engage users, it's racing to incorporate features that have become synonymous with social media platforms like Twitter/X. Polls, for instance, are a popular way to boost engagement and gather user opinions. Users can pose questions to a broad audience without the need for formal surveys. These polls can also be used for light-hearted queries, such as deciding what's for dinner or choosing a movie to watch.

GIFs continue to be an immensely popular way of expressing ourselves online. They add a touch of fun and creativity to our conversations, injecting a bit of excitement into the digital realm. While some younger users may view them as slightly outdated or "cringe," it's important to note that GIFs still hold their charm. Threads effectively harness the power of GIFs through its collaboration with Giphy, enabling users to effortlessly enhance their conversations with these delightful animations.

Closing the Gap:

While polls and GIFs might not be groundbreaking, they put Threads on par with X and ahead of some other potential X competitors. Features like these make Threads more competitive, even when compared to startups like Bluesky, which have yet to support GIFs.

Threads has come a long way in emulating X's functionality and has recently added audio and video calls to its repertoire.

Nonetheless, it still has room for improvement if it wants to truly rival X, particularly when it comes to real-time news and trend identification. To bridge this gap, Threads is currently testing a Trending Topics feature that could bring it closer to the realm of Twitter. While we await an exact launch date for this exciting addition, rest assured that Threads is committed to delivering a comprehensive user experience akin to its competitors.

Even More on the Horizon:

In a recent update, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, announced some exciting new features coming to Threads. Users will soon be able to see view counts and pin their favorite posts or replies to their profiles. The success of another platform inspired these additions; X. Mosseri emphasized how view counts can provide users with valuable insights into their reach and engagement. This dedication to innovation is a clear sign that Threads is determined to enhance its offerings and remain ahead in the competitive social media landscape.

In conclusion, Threads is determined to make its mark in the social media arena by incorporating features that users have come to expect and enjoy. With the addition of polls, GIFs, and more to come, Threads is ready to take on the competition and offer a fresh social media experience to its growing user base.

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