Google’s Senior Executives Express Concern Over Its Increasing Annual Payments To Apple As Its Default Search Engine

New reports are speaking about the ever-increasing size of payments made by Google to Apple.

For those who may not know, Google must roll out a huge sum of payments to Apple each year to continue being the default search engine. But the figure continues to reach new heights and now, the company’s senior team of executives are expressing concerns.

Some reports went as far as to mention how they even wished to make the most of EU’s laws to help reduce the payments. Meanwhile, a top legal academic expert says this might be one of the biggest issues linked to legislation that assists startups in competing with other big names in the industry. And no surprise here that large-scale firms also try to make the most of this edge.

After carrying out searches on Google through the Safari search bar on iOS devices, only search engines designated as default are used, which is Google. But that is until and unless you’ve changed it manually.

Meanwhile, Google benefits the most because plenty of traffic arises in its direction from Apple devices such as iPads, iPhones, and the respective Mac PCs. Moreover, this is where Google gets the best chance to display ads that are relevant alongside the search results.

And to keep the traffic as well as cash flowing in the right direction, the search engine giant ends up jetting out big money that is yet to be disclosed by the company, every year. Only then can Google continue to be the default choice for search engines. And the most recent one of them all is speculated to have reached the $20 billion figure.

This particular payment seems to be at the forefront of a top antitrust case for the country’s Department of Justice that it directed in Google’s face. Meanwhile reports from the NYT spoke about how Google executives might be using EU laws to take advantage of Apple’s growing power.

Last year in the fall, the company’s top-of-the-line executives sat down and held a meeting to share their thoughts on how the firm could bypass the heavy reliance it had on the Safari browser of Apple. This included plans on how to make use of Europe’s latest law on this front so that Apple’s dominating power may be undermined in this regard.

All of this was documented and it was intriguing to see how a list of options was taken into consideration which entailed the amount of data that the tech giant may attain access from iPhone devices. For now, there is no news on what decision the executives made.

During that time period, we saw how the EU was getting ready for the launch of its breakthrough Digital Markets Act to assist small firms in breaking down the power that big tech giants had on the tech industry. And that is when one of the biggest firms of them all, Google, witnessed a crack.

The Android maker had to deal with the latest law that paved the way for more competition to be included in the search sector. But Google did everything in terms of finding other means to detract regulations in Europe so it could get access to Apple’s software systems that are intricately regulated.

In this manner, Google would get users of Safari as well as Spotlight under its belt and therefore attain benefits. Moreover, many executives spoke about the firm being super aggressive in terms of garnering access to Apple’s systems of operations. So at the end of the day, the world’s top two leading firms would battle it out through legislation that was originally intended to help firms working at a smaller scale.

So how can the DMA assist Google? Well, it’s most likely speculated that it would force Apple to ask its own users to pick which browser they’d like to set as their default instead of imposing a direct default at the start. So during the startup of the device, they would be questioned. But as you know, any searches carried out on the Chrome browser are directly linked to Google.

Executives at Google mentioned that those users who were being given the chance to make a decision on which browser to use would prefer Chrome and the figures would triple.

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