Meta Launches Ad-Free Subscriptions For Facebook And Instagram Users In Europe

Tech giant Meta is making its users in Europe happy after announcing ad-free subscription options in the region.

The company mentioned on Monday how it would be giving out ad-free offers for those using its Facebook and Instagram apps. Moreover, the news comes after it witnessed a huge challenge arising from EU regulators in 2023.

So many users in the EU can pay out around 10 euros which is equal to $11 each month on the internet to avail of the tempting feature. And if you want the feature on your iOS and Android devices then you can attain the ad-free option at $14 each month to get your new versions of the apps.

The latest fee will include all sorts of linked accounts linked to users but with that, the tech giant did make another announcement. It mentioned how the start of March next year will give rise to more fees comprising 6 euros every month for web users and 8 euros each month for apps that are going to be applicable for additional accounts linked to a user.

The decision has arisen after Meta was heavily fined by a top Data Protection regulator on this front in Ireland. The huge fine worth 390 million euros arose in January of this year and spoke about how Meta ended up breaking the region’s privacy laws which included the GDPR.

To be more specific on this front, the regulator mentioned how they would now be required to accept the firm’s terms of services if they wished to use any of its apps and that was unfair and against the law in place. Moreover, it would also mean that they would also be giving consent for having their data users for purposes such as ad targeting.

Meta was certainly upset and tried to fight back with a justification as a means of challenging the latest ruling. But during the year’s start, the company did make some changes and ended up opting for the consent method. This is where users would now be required to make a choice of accepting or rejecting Meta’s offer of ad targeting through data collection arising from the platform.

Facebook’s parent firm added how the launch of this new subscription service is designed to address a long list of concerns that have to do with regulation of its apps. And therefore, to make the EU happy and ensure they’re abiding by its standards, they hope to now add subscription options across the European Union, Switzerland, as well as EEA. These changes were unveiled by Meta through a blog post which was added on Monday.

The launch will take place as early as November and this is where they would be allowing users that use its apps in such regions to have the choice of attaining the personalized offerings without any costs attached but with ads or paying a fee and attaining an ad-free subscription.

The tech giant mentioned how the option is designed for users across Europe to purchase a subscription so they can benefit the most without ads as it does provide the right sort of balance for regulators across the EU and give the firm the chance to better serve its userbase.

Meanwhile, we’re also hearing news about how one of the EU’s leading courts will roll out a new ruling in 2023 regarding companies giving out offers featuring alternative versions of the service that don’t rely on collecting user data for the sake of ad targeting purposes.

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