ChatGPT broadens its horizon with new tools, offering more than just traditional chat functions

Prepare for a surprise, geeks! OpenAI's ChatGPT, which many of us know as a super-smart chat buddy, has just gotten a major upgrade. It's like giving your old car a jet engine!

If you're a paying member (they call it ChatGPT Plus), you're in for a treat. Remember the time when ChatGPT could search the web, specifically Bing, to find answers? That feature, which took a short break because of some issues with accessing paid feature, is now back and better.

But here's the big news for data analysis lovers. Imagine you have a huge report or a long essay. Instead of breaking it into pieces and feeding it to ChatGPT bit by bit, you can now upload the whole thing at once! It's like showing your entire holiday photo album to a friend in one go, instead of one photo at a time. But there's a tiny catch. If you try to show it a super-long document (like a 20,000-word novel), it'll only glance at the beginning. Still, for most everyday tasks, this is pretty cool.

There's also a new "multi-modal mode." Big term, I know. Think of it like this: Previously, if you wanted ChatGPT to show you a picture or search the web, you had to tell it specifically. Now, it's smarter. Just ask, and it'll know what to do. It's like asking your smart speaker to play music, and it knows you want your favorite song without you saying it.

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However, one small hiccup: if you want to use the data analysis tool (remember the report and essay part?), you've to click a special button. It won't just do it automatically.

In simple terms, ChatGPT is becoming even more of a handy wizard. For those who pay for the extra features, it's like having a little digital assistant right in your pocket. The future's looking bright and fun!

H/T: luokai / Threads

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