iPhone Dominance: More Than 50% Of iPhone Devices Set To Become Second-Hand By This Year’s End

New reports from a top analyst firm are shedding light on the dominance of iPhones and how more than 50% of them are scheduled to become second-hand by this year’s end.

Predictions are coming forward from the CCS Insight which says the figures for iPhone circulation by this year’s end are all set to reach 1.3 billion. As per these stats, greater than 50% would be reused.

These are clear highlights of the huge lifespan that such devices possess and how the CCS believes that from next year onwards, the average life would be eight years for such phones.

Moreover, the CCS is busy keeping track of the market of today where secondhand phones have been dominating for quite some time now. And as per their data, the iPhone tops the list of the devices that are reused the most.

We’ve seen a mega rise in the interest that such devices have in today’s second-hand market over the past couple of years. And that’s really come forward for several reasons. This includes how one of the biggest ones happens to be the mere fact that there aren’t too many upgrades between one device of Apple to the next.

Let’s just take the latest iPhone 15 launch. Experts claim it’s better by a small margin than iPhone 14 and the latter was only marginally better than iPhone 13.

And people feel that they always have several options at hand. You can spend thousands on a new iPhone 15 or less than half the amount on good quality second-hand phones without too many noticing the difference.

Furthermore, the report adds how the motivation of many for making a second-hand iPhone purchase is not solely linked to financial reasons. There is a huge industry that is related to refurbished iPhones. Today, the supply is constant in the secondhand market and it’s amazing what sort of a response this generates with users.

Moreover, it’s another means to witness how people are slowly but surely entering the Apple ecosystem and some are making a purchase of their very first Apple device. Others are in favor of an upgrade if they feel their model is slightly older than others.

Such a behavior is turning out to be an established practice in this industry.

As per insights of this new CCS study, Apple is dominating the market by miles. The figure for the secondhand device landscape is rising, thanks to the Cupertino firm. And people don’t think twice for a second when they enter the market about any other option, other than Apple.

This is obviously linked to the fact that iPhones are expensive goods and with this option at large, people can attain the device of their dreams at price points deemed to be super affordable.

What was interesting is how the demand for secondhand iPhones does not only come from those markets that are emerging but also those arising from well-established ones including the UK as well as the US.

Now the question is whether or not Apple needs to be worried. Interestingly, Apple puts out such used devices for sale on its own page. But the true point worth pondering upon is whether the growing fraction of clients seeking second-hand products should be a matter of concern for the leading iPhone maker or not.

For starters, Apple is more than content with where it stands. The revenue continues to increase in a strong manner as we speak. And even if you buy a secondhand phone, you’re still giving the firm money on a monthly basis as you provide subscriptions to its services including Apple TV and whatnot. Hence, there’s not a lot of complaining taking place from the tech giant’s side.

Meanwhile, making a purchase from the Apple App Store means saying hello to Apple and getting a whopping 30% commission through the likes of developers.

But it’s not all gold for Apple as the future may entail a long list of problems for the Cupertino firm as second-hand sales take a huge chunk of revenue away from new iPhone sales.

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