Google Reveals Long List Of AI-Backed Sustainability Features Including Flood Forecasts And Project Green Light

Tech giant Google is going full throttle with its launch of sustainability features as the company announced that it’s going to give end users the best AI-powered enhancements in this domain.

This comprised of the organization unveiling some exciting features like Flood Hub that will come to the US as well as Project Green Light.

We first heard in the year 2018 how the search engine giant was going to give users the best alerts about real-time floods, powered by AI technology and geospatial means. Therefore, working in that regard, we’re hearing more about the launch of flood forecasts for users based in Canada and the US.

The feature would cover more than 800 different locations via rivers and that’s where a whopping 12 million people are currently living. Similarly, such a tool is already working in more than 80 nations so it’s definitely worth it.

In other news, the company’s Search endeavor just included a new Fuel Cost Calculator that can be used in 21 different countries. This enables interested EV buyers to have charging costs compared to when they are actually filling up their tanks at gas stations.

Similarly, users will benefit from a new feature called explore battery range that sees how far devices can go when they’re charged once.

Meanwhile, drivers are getting new benefits including maps where routes can be customized to determine the figure of charges required, depending on things like what’s the speed limit and change in elevation. Hence, the company expects to launch such rollouts by the next few weeks in the US while the EU will be getting them in the first half of 2024.

Google Search is going to also put out suggestions for traveling routines via train, whenever users are looking for the best flight to take for their journey. Remember, the idea is to be fuel efficient and so many countries like the US, Egypt, EU, and Canada are already making the most of this rollout.

Now, it’s going to be countries in Asia such as India and Indonesia who will benefit from such fuel-efficient features for their Google Maps, the company added for this year. This will entail support for vehicles having two wheels too. Moreover, places like France will also attain suggestions for public transit as well as other options that can replace driving with walking, considering the fact that they’re practical and even comparable.

Those looking for ACs and heat pumps will also attain efficiency information alongside other financial incentives along the way. So as you can see, the effort by Google in terms of promoting sustainability is plenty.

Furthermore, the search engine giant is also rolling out other features that aren’t just consumer-facing. We’re talking about rollouts such as Project Green Light which makes use of AI as well as Maps to ensure traffic light plans. Any suggestions would be used to better traffic flow and prevent emissions that increase due to stop-and-go routes. This would entail linking closely present intersections to get the most green lights.

Google says it envisions this tool to reduce stops by nearly 30% with a launch in more places around the world by 2024.

Additionally, the company says it’s partnering up for a collaboration to launch the largest update in five decades for the American Forest Service’s model aimed at targeting fire spread. This would be in line with the firm’s currently existing framework that tracks wildfire boundaries so the world can benefit.

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