Google's Pledge to Secure AI: What You Need to Know

Google is stepping up its game in the world of AI security to make it safer for all of us. You know, those fancy AI systems that seem to be everywhere? They're amazing, but they come with their own set of problems. Google understands this and is taking some big steps to tackle these issues.

So, what's Google up to? They've expanded their Vulnerability Rewards Program (VRP) to focus on AI-specific problems. This program is like a prize for the good guys (aka hackers) who help find and fix issues in technology. Think of it as a big thank-you from Google to the people who keep its AI systems secure.

Google wants to be super clear about what kind of discoveries can get you these rewards. If someone finds a way to sneak out private and sensitive data while the AI is learning, that's a win. But if it's just some regular, non-sensitive stuff, it doesn't count. They're basically saying, "We'll reward you for helping us protect the important stuff."

AI has its own set of security challenges, like making sure the AI doesn't get manipulated or become biased. Google understands this and has come up with new rules to handle these unique issues. They want to encourage research that makes AI safer for everyone.

Google is also making information about AI supply chain security easier to find and confirm. This means they're all about transparency – making sure we know where the AI comes from and that it's safe to use.
Earlier this year, Google and other AI companies got together at the White House. They made a promise to work together and find problems in AI to make it better and safer.

But here's the big news: President Biden is about to drop a game-changing executive order on October 30. It will set strict rules for AI models before they can be used by government agencies. This means the government wants to be extra sure the AI they use is safe and secure.

So, Google is doing its part to make AI a safer and more trustworthy part of our lives. With technology growing so fast, it's good to know that companies like Google are working hard to keep us safe.

In a nutshell, Google is on a mission to make AI safer, and they're rewarding those who help them do it. It's all about keeping our data and privacy secure while enjoying the benefits of AI.

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