Google Used Illegal And Unfair Means To Raise Online Ad Prices, US Justice Department Claims In Antitrust Trial

The US is standing firm by its claims against search engine giant Google and how it made use of unfair practices to raise online ad prices.

The news is a part of the current antitrust trial that’s taking place in the country’s capital as we speak. And that’s where one lawyer representing the American Justice Department added how the behavior was illegal and uncalled for as it only benefited the company unjustly.

This is clearly not the first time that we’ve heard more on this front and how the tech giant is abusing its role in the dominating search and advertising industry where it continues to work like a monopoly.

But Google has for months refuted the claims. Moreover, the company’s VP for product management added how the firm makes use of a formula that entails ad quality and that would decide who can win in an auction that’s designed to put out ads on different web pages.

The new testimony started at the start of this week and continued for one day, reports have now confirmed. Moreover, we’re hearing more about how the company is also being accused of manipulation by the Justice Department.

As it is, the search industry of today is ruled mostly by Google and spans multi-billion dollars. Therefore, such kinds of formulas that Google has come up with end up providing favors to them only and no one else.

Meanwhile, the lawyer representing the Justice Department questioned Google’s Product VP if he happened to be in agreement with another document that the tech giant produced for the EU.

This stated how the firm can impact pricing in a more direct manner, thanks to fine tunings of various auction mechanisms and he agreed, nodding with a firm yes and how they can do that.

Google’s Product VP added how the company makes use of rough formulas that provide ads with greater value in the long term, based on the type of bids provided. Similarly, they give insights about click-through rates that are possible and the figure of people that would be clicking it.

This includes ad quality and the web pages that come with it.

For years, the search engine giant’s ad business has been scrutinized by a long list of advertisers as well as website publishers. The company has been called out for not putting the right kind of transparency on display.

Moreover, it keeps getting accused of benefiting from too much revenue through such means and not being called out for this behavior.

This kind of testimony regarding the world of online advertising is certainly a huge change and a breath of fresh air from that arising from testimonials of the past. The latter had due focus on things like how much billions Google was spending to ensure the search engine was the default choice of most smartphone users as well as for a range of other leading devices.

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