Elon Musk’s X Platform Allowed To Resume Advertising After ADL Gives Green Signal Amid Hate Speech Crisis

It appears that billionaire entrepreneur and the owner of X, Elon Musk is getting exactly what he wants from the ADL and that includes the permission for ads to resume on his app.

Musk had just recently extended hands and carried out a meeting with a long list of community leaders where he put forward his reservations against the ADL’s behavior.

The world’s richest person did not hesitate one bit in claiming that the ADL appeared like they were out to get him and his firm. And that includes persuading a long list of X’s top advertising to not display ads on the app and in fact go as far as boycotting it.

The ADL mentioned how the company had recently made some major changes to its moderation rules and that was giving users the chance to promote hate speech across several posts on the X app.

But Musk was quick to deny those accusations and he even went one step further to threaten the firm for earnings loss due to such nonsense speculations.

As per a recently published statement by the ADL regarding this ordeal, they claim to appreciate the stance taken by X as the matter was getting heated up over the past couple of weeks. Moreover, they tried to clear the air and offer a truce while admitting their intentions were nothing but pure.

They also spoke about how they never meant to target X in particular and were holding the same frame of mind to keep other firms accountable for their actions too so that hate speech is kept at a bare minimum online.

The ADL says a lot more needs to be done from X’s side as is the case with so many other firms. Therefore, they hope to continue speaking to X on this matter in the future too.

There are yet to be any kind of detailed specifications regarding the matter so far by the ADL, other than the fact that a meeting was carried out to talk about the efforts.

Meanwhile, Musk has for a long time claimed that hate speech is a topic that X has been dealing with for a while now and they’ve been awfully successful at keeping figures down to a bare minimum. And while the ADL may feel otherwise, Musk is not backing down with his claims.

For now, we’re not too sure if Elon Musk was able to really convince the ADL about what he feels on the matter but one thing is for sure. The growing threats linked to legal action seem to have played a huge role in the ADL issuing another statement on this ordeal.

They claim that they’ve got nothing to do with the huge losses that Elon Musk has been speaking about on X, confirming how they’ve got no role in influencing other advertisers from stopping ads on X.

ADL mentioned how the goal is to fight hate speech that continues to be a major issue on the online platform. They just want to bring a clear message across to users about fighting hate and for that reason, they’re running ads on the app again to reduce any sort of growing tensions that have arisen in recent times.

X says they are putting more effort now than ever to make sure the topic of hate speech is kept at a bare minimum.

To be more clear, allegations of this kind are definite proof of how strongly Musk feels about this whole incident and the effect it would have on the X business.

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