YouTube Rolls Out New Experiment Promoting Full-Screen Viewing Of Vertical Videos

Popular video-sharing app YouTube is rolling out a new test that seems to take it one step closer to the whole vertical video viewing experience.

The test comprised full-screen views scheduled for live streaming in a vertical direction through the mobile application.

As per recently published reports by the app, they claim to be launching more tests in this direction so that mobile viewers can finally get their much sought-after vertical viewing demand that’s been on the rise for quite some time.

This would include options that are scrollable through the feed and any features like fan funding that can be easily accessed. Moreover, such experiments will help creators stream in this new direction through either a smartphone having the app or the desktop version software. Moreover, such streaming will be easily seen by those seeing Shorts across the platform.

Hence, it’s actually quite similar to what we’ve witnessed for both YouTube and Instagram. You can see live streams in a manner deemed to be so much more engaging, immersive, and fun on your devices.

For now, the currently launched live streams are seen in the classic letterbox formatting design and that’s designed to generate greater emphasis on live chats by featuring both across the screen.

However, this new offering that the platform previewed in August is designed to fill entire screens, while comments will remain toward the top.

Moreover, the new live streams in full screens can be found for both long and short streaming experiences. Hence, similar to how we see TikTok function, you’ll find a greater way to engage in the session through a simple tap.

This format seems to be the platform’s most significant effort to dive into the great popularity of shorts that have been the app’s most sought-after format in the last two years. Moreover, we saw during the start of this year how much Shorts has been making a success with daily views from users hitting the 50 billion mark.

Now, more and more people are coming to the app for various types of unique content and that’s why this gives the company more reasons to lean toward unique display options as compared to the usual classic or boring trends.

But we should mention that this is definitely not the first time that we’ve seen the firm experiment with full-screen displays.

In the year 2016, the app rolled out live broadcasts in a similar manner so that it was in line with the trend of Periscopes and Meerkat. Moreover, the starting live-streaming fads were too short living and the app happened to depreciate that rollout, just a short while later.

Still, it has continued this entire landscape format for live streamers so that they can make the most of the whole full-screen offering.

For now, the feature has just entered its limited testing phase and there are great talks about more expansion arising on this front soon.

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