YouTube Adds New ‘Glowing’ Animation To Subscribe Buttons On Creator Channels

If you’re a regular YouTube user, we’re quite sure you’ve heard a creator talk about hitting the Subscribe button on a frequent basis.

And that makes sense because the time and effort that goes into producing videos is immense and the least a viewer can do is subscribe to help grow the creator’s reach.

Keeping that thought in mind, YouTube has started testing a unique glowing animation for the Subscribe button. This is designed to keep reminding the viewer to subscribe, each time the creator requests them to.

The feature popped up on several users' apps in the past few weeks and that’s when the news spread regarding this unique innovation that is built into the system. Therefore, it works through automated means.

A lot of users spoke about the test being allocated to new videos and it’s something they’ve found to be very interesting and innovative.

Not only are we seeing an eye-grabbing touch of color that lasts for a few seconds but we’re also seeing the app think outside the box to make the Subscribe feature more noticeable. And it’s definitely going to make creators happy to know that the platform is thinking about them.

We often do come across videos where creators are using their own animations to better highlight the button. But seeing this addition by the company itself is definitely going to set out a great reminder to subscribe.

However, we must inform our readers that the feature is only working on the desktop right now. There is yet to be any signal of it across smartphones or television applications.

We even saw one reader give out a short but very informative clip featuring the new animation in work across a particular video from YouTube. Similarly, some reports are shedding light on the term ‘like’ too but we’re yet to see what that appears like right now.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll surely keep you updated and we’d recommend you pay close attention when you see the Like or Subscribe button on the app’s videos. Who knows, maybe they have expanded the test further, and why not, it’s certainly a creative idea.

If you do happen to see the glowing feature recently, do let us know. We’d love to hear more on this front in the comments section below.

H/T: 9to5Google

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