YouTube Mastermind MrBeast Becomes Highest-Earning Digital Creator After Making $82 Million In Revenue This Year

MrBeast is a huge name in the world of digital creators and to help give you a bigger and better idea of how much fortune he makes, you might want to read on further.

The leading mastermind of the popular video-sharing app YouTube proved to the world that he is the king of making content that users love. And that’s when he topped the Forbes list to become the world’s highest-earning digital creator.

Think along the lines of generating a sum of $82 million in estimates in the past year. And that includes all the hugely popular stunts and mega giveaways that fans cannot get enough of. Furthermore, that’s nearly double the earnings generated for any other creator on the web as per the latest Forbes statistics.

The amount outlined by MrBeast became a part of the Forbes 2023 Creators List. The latter is the media outlet’s second yearly ranking for the top 50 most paid and influential individuals on the YouTube app as well as many other popular ones including Instagram and TikTok.

Forbes rolled out the estimates for every creator’s earnings taking place between June of this year as well as that generated last year.

Today, MrBeast is the world’s most famous YouTube with fans hitting the 186 million mark and as days go by, the figure outlined for subscribers continues to increase. He not only generates videos that are super popular but he’s got other means by which he keeps on making money while he’s even sleeping.

If that was not enough, he’s hailed for his routine efforts regarding various charitable causes. And some rumors are speaking about how he just might be turning into a board member for Forbes after the company finishes its respective 82% share sale to another leading business tycoon in the world of auto-tech.

But if you feel everything is as picture-perfect as can be for MrBeast, well, think again. He’s also being dragged into a huge lawsuit with a firm running as a virtual catering enterprise. The latter is currently handling his top-of-the-line fast food restaurant called MrBeast Burger.

While the billionaire did sue the company to end this deal, and added how the food produced was far from what he or customers had ever imagined, including naming it disgusting and inedible. He similarly added how that ruined his reputation and to fight back, VDC launched its own lawsuit worth a massive $100 million, calling it a sheer breach of contract.

Forbes also included other names on the list who took over the second place and others. And some of the names entailed talk-show host couple Rhett & Link, young YouTube sensation Ryan Kaji, and even top gamer PrestonPlayz. Each of those had earnings featuring an estimated figure of $35 million.

Other names that made it to the highest-earning digital creator list are the Jake & Logan Paul brother duo and sisters Charli & Dixie, not to mention the popular superstar on the TikTok app, Khaby Lame.

As a whole, the leading 50 names for highest-earning digital creators generated close to $700 million in 2023 alone. And that’s a massive 23% rise from the year 2022.

Forbes claims such rankings depend on the top three leading factors such as earning, engagement, and even entrepreneurship. Moreover, the firm aligned with another leading marketing company to produce the results called Influential. The latter is known for handling top-of-the-line social media marketing.

You can find out more about who made the list and who didn’t by visiting the Forbes website for more insights.

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