Top YouTuber MrBeast Proves That Thumbnails Featuring Closed Mouth Faces Have Longer Watch Times

Selecting the right thumbnail for your YouTube video can really increase the chances of its success. But you’ll be amazed at how it’s the little details that make all the difference in the world. And this was proven by the man with the greatest number of subscribers, MrBeast.

The renowned video creator is shedding light on how thumbnails featuring closed mouths are bound to increase viewer watch times as compared to those featuring open mouths and shocked expressions.

The news comes after the star carried out his own test to determine whether or not these things made a difference and some people were in awe at the response. On most occasions, you’ll find thumbnails featuring faces that have people with shocked expressions and open jaws, big enough for a fly to enter easily.

That used to be deemed as the template for thumbnail success but thanks to this latest research, creators definitely need to think twice when adding images of themselves or models with mouths open. This seems to be MrBeast’s go-to thumbnail design and he’s more than happy to see the drastic difference in watch times that the change has made.

More details were unveiled through a series of screenshots provided by him on his X account. And while the images don’t represent the changes in watch time, they show how thumbnails featuring the star with his mouth closed were a clear winner against all others.

There are nearly 12 new videos from the world’s biggest YouTuber that feature him on the cover with his mouth closed. It’s a small but necessary change he says when comparing it against older videos released recently.

In case you’re still wondering why the star suddenly opted to include this new ability for thumbnail testing, well, the answer is simple. The idea came when the app announced it was working on launching a feature that tests which thumbnail works best, A/B Test. And for that, several top creators were chosen for the beta. The rest of the world can benefit from this test with a global launch, starting next year.

Meanwhile, considering how popular this YouTuber is, we’re bound to see his influence take center stage with more and more creators adopting the closed-mouth approach versus the open-mouth one on thumbnails.

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