X Makes Major Changes To Its Community Notes Including New Option That Holds Users Accountable For Deleting Posts

Tech giant X who was previously renowned as Twitter is launching a series of changes on its platform and we’ve got the latest updates for you below.

For starters, the company has opted to alter the manner through which its crowd-sourced tool called Community Notes functions. And that includes a new feature that allows opposing perspectives to be considered whenever reviews are made on a tweet.

Moreover, the latest feature will ensure users can review notes put out on the app, instead of a single one that is under their review. Hence, this means giving them the chance to look at other notes, right before they opt on passing judgments and putting out a new rating.

This means they might be convincing minds after the new call is made.

We feel that although it seems like a minor change that might affect contributors to this offering, it would consider a long list of opinions that may not all be the same. This just makes it so much more helpful. After all, this note is put on public display for users of the app, right before it undergoes fact-checking.

As far as the new change is concerned, the app says it was needed big time and it’s super crucial as contributors now can attain some of the most useful data out there today when they are given the task to assign ratings.

We can also see this as the right way to showcase alternatives of others in the eyes of a contributor. And that better powers their thinking but it may also similarly increase confusion regarding which note helped them the most and was the most correct.

Remember, all feedback on the app was mostly positive regarding the update. But it continues to be a leading practice if that’s what’s going to occur in routine practice. Now we are waiting to see how this takes a toll on the altering perspectives of users and how it can persuade them to think outside the box and choose notes that are more helpful, as compared to the ones currently on display.

In the example the company added, there are two kinds of notes on display where we can see how both are super helpful. While one fixes the mistakes or incorrect information getting displayed, the other would claim that this note is not necessary as the account is all about parodies and nothing else, for instance.

So they are both necessary but the newer one motivates contributors to get rid of additional text from posts that aren’t really needed.

But some cases can get more and more complex, including those that have political themes involved.

In other news, the app is also adding another exciting new feature for Community Notes that informs viewers when and if the producer of the tweet has deleted the content or not.

Remember, this is just in line with the company’s policy it has been very straightforward about the ordeal since day one. They mentioned how the goal seems to be leaving other people informed as revealed in the account for Community notes.

This is usually great when helpful notes pop up out of nowhere on posts and even in those situations when a false post may be removed by accident. Moreover, starting today, all writers will get alerts when or if a post they have provided input on gets removed by the creators themselves.

And what better way to keep them accountable than this, right?

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