World Migration Stats At A Glance: India Tops The List Of Nations Receiving Most International Remittances And Largest Diaspora

Working away from home to get better working opportunities is a trend that has been in focus for decades. And with the global economic challenges peaking today, it makes sense as to why more and more citizens of different nations are exiting their homeland in search of the best jobs.

The latest global migration stats on this front have India in the spotlight because it continues to attain the highest figure for international remittances. Thanks to the latest stats from the World Migration Report, we’re seeing how the country has been peaking since 2020 and continues to grow stronger with each passing year.

In 2020, the figure stood out as $83.15 billion and it’s the biggest we’ve seen when compared to all others. China takes the second position, following slowly behind with close to $60 billion, and in third place, it’s Mexico with nearly $43 billion.

Remittances is the name reserved for funds workers are sending back to their home country while living overseas. But the report does not take into consideration any type of remittances attained through formal or informal means that were never documented so what you are seeing is figures that are documented.

As per the latest report, India also tops the list of diaspora. This means you’ll find more people exiting the country or immigrating to other foreign nations in search of the best financial benefits and job opportunities.

By the middle of 2022, the report saw close to 17.9 million individuals living overseas who were Indian in origin. And in second place was Mexico while the top three were rounded up by Russia.

Their figures included 11.2 million and 10.8 million respectively. And to better highlight India’s dominance in this regard, the figure we observe today is close to 10 million more than what we say two decades back.

As per this report, the location where most Indians tend to flock toward is the Gulf region, with figures for the UAE showing that it’s the most favorable one of them all, while Saudi Arabia came in third. That might be due to the growing number of fruitful job prospects.

In second place it was the US which continues to be a standout attraction for millions of Indians.

Charts courtesy of Statista.

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