US Gets Exclusive eSIM-Only iPhone 15 While The Rest Of The World Uses The Old Physical SIM Tray Devices

In 2022, we saw tech giant Apple mention more details about its grand plans to put an end to the classic SIM card. They promised to make the latest iPhone 14 of that year free from physical SIM card trays. But little did anyone know that the US would still be exclusive to the feature.

Two days back, we saw the launch of the iPhone 15 and yet again, global iPhone enthusiasts gearing up to get the device will not be attaining eSIM phones. And people are getting tired of the US being exclusive to this unique and innovative functionality, yet again.

During the start of this year, the company did delineate more about how it would be expanding the feature to devices in France and a few others across Europe with the latest phones launched just recently. But that again did not happen as the iPhone 15 is out and there’s no sign or news of the endeavor.

When we look at the website of tech giant Apple, we will notice how there are close to four kinds of models that are restricted for every iPhone 15 device. One of those happens to be the global model that’s on sale in most nations. Moreover, the other one up for grabs is the Chinese version which has a dual-SIM card instead of the eSIM.

Meanwhile, another version that’s on sale in places like Japan, Mexico, and even Canada is present while there’s one picture-perfect model that’s solely restricted to just the US.

The news could be further confirmed by paying a visit to tech giant Apple’s main website in other nations as they’re all displaying the latest models of the iPhone having SIM trays toward the left of the device.

Meanwhile, the American iPhone version still happens to be the sole one that supports the 5G connectivity faster.

Moreover, tech giant Apple also mentioned during its main event in 2022 how making use of eSIMS instead of the usual SIM card did bring out huge benefits. This included enhanced security as the SIM couldn’t be removed from the device if it does get stolen.

But some nations did reveal how taking the new trend on isn’t quite at the pace that one would have accepted. It’s slow and the number of wireless carriers out there today is just not enough to provide such kinds of technology.

In ideal situations, getting rid of the SIM tray from such devices would enable the company to include another integral part in that space. However as proven by iFixit, the American-based models usually make use of plastic blocks that are in the place where SIMS are seen in other devices. Hence, it’s better to visualize it as plenty of useless free space.

This means iPhone fans around the world need to wait one more year to get the iPhone 15 model with eSims but if you’re in the US, then you can enjoy it right now.

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