Apple May Not Have Mentioned It But The New iPhone 15 Is Based Majorly On AI

The phone that so many people have been waiting for so long is finally here! Yes, the iPhone 15 by Apple has been launched and the company had plenty to say about its new features.

But one thing that’s actually quite interesting is how the Cupertino firm didn’t mention too much about AI. However, the reality is that the new device is relying heavily on AI technology, whether they confirm that or not.

The launch event had people glued to their screens as the organization detailed the great benefits any buyer gets from making this very pricey purchase. But it would have been great if the term AI was used frequently because experts claim it depends on that front so much.

The new Apple Watch Series 9 was also spoken about and the unique chip was in focus that is used to run that device. Remember, the company has taken on the charge of designing semiconductors for both the highly on-demand products.

So we have the S9 chip for the watches and the A17 Pro Chip for the 15 Pro and Pro Max versions. And while it did speak about the chips in detail, the company had its eyes set on the type of features these devices were powering.

For instance, S9 puts out requests to enable Apple’s Siri assistant to get processed through this device. It’s AI-related and it would take place instantly when you use Cloud. But at the same time, it would arise when the watch is linked directly to the web.

With time passing by, the chips are turning out to be a very powerful endeavor. Such AI processes can take place on devices too. And that would enable faster systems that come with greater security since your data won’t be passed over the web.

Unfortunately, it would have been great for Apple to speak in more detail about the world of AI. However, it wasn’t doing that. It was going on and on about Siri and how great of a feature it is on this particular phone.

Then on the new Watch Ultra 2, there’s a rollout dubbed double tap that enables users to control what’s taking place on this device by clicking your index finger and thumb in one go. Remember, it will surely require AI processing but again no mention of it.

One managing partner who works at Deepwater Asset outlined the tech giant never likes to speak about AI during its conference calls or any big launch events. That’s led to more rumors about how it might be falling behind in terms of making the most of the technology.

But now, the belief is perhaps that’s their strategy as they don’t want others to know how aggressively and keenly they are about making the most of AI.

Apple did mention how its exclusive feature is the 3nm chip. And the only devices having this are the latest iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max devices. But with more AI apps on the rise, we’ll be seeing more devices needing such technology for support.

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