Good News For TikTok Creators As App Expands Its Creativity Rewards Program

If you happen to be a top creator on TikTok and really do enjoy putting out some great content but never really got rewarded for your hard work, well, now is the time to celebrate.

The popular social media platform is expanding its Creativity Program where top stars are rewarded and motivated to continue posting on this app.

After the initial launch back in the month of May of this year, we saw how the app really was keen on rolling this initiative out to beta testers. These experiments were carried out in countries like Germany, Korea, Brazil, Japan, and also the United Kingdom.

The initial program was similarly launched in the US as a beta starting in February and many did see this as the actual evolution of the famous Creator Fund. This provided a lot of chances for monetization of the app’s favorite creators.

While it does have the same focus in place as the actual Creator Fund, the company did launch a statement on this front. It claims the program has been created to make videos that are longer and better quality, really unlocking the potential of creators found in the real world.

TikTok did go on to explain how this offering is bound to provide further cash incentives. And the earnings depend totally on views. Moreover, this generates the chance to make earnings that are 20 times greater than what was offered by the firm in the past.

So clearly the deal happens to be linked to getting more funds for the right kind of content on the platform while adding incentives along the way. And we’re sure any TikTok star will welcome this change with open arms, especially considering how most people are wandering off to YouTube to make more money.

However, there are some really stringent requirements that must be fulfilled if you’d like to be a part of the whole Creativity Program. For starters, having at least 10k followers is a must, followed by 100k views on your video content, in the past month.

Depending on how you feel and how far off you are in terms of reaching your goals on the app, this might be a lot to handle. However, anyone who happens to be meeting these requirements already should definitely see their income stream flow in the right direction from such efforts.

This provides greater focus and incentives to enhance their presence through the TikTok platform. But one question still remains, Is this really enough to help ensure creators of the app remain glued to the app and stop moving toward places that are much greener?

The right incentives continue to remain an integral challenge for TikTok as the demand for short-form content is high. Secondly, the app can’t simply decide one day to roll out ads before and after the content, if they wanted to. After all, the videos are just 30 seconds in duration.

Therefore, as you can tell, making money through direct means on TikTok is not simple. This might be why the app relies so much on other things such as live streams and shopping on the app as it provides great income opportunities for everyone.

On the contrary, apps like YouTube allow creators to generate more funds through longer content. This also entails Shorts that help to drive more users to a specific channel. Then there are Meta’s Instagram and Facebook platforms which are similarly providing direct streams to make more money.

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