The Windows 11 Paint App Is Rolling Out An Exciting And Simple Background Removal Feature

If you happen to be a part of the bunch who always felt the Paint App on Windows 11 needed a revamp with more exciting features, then this next piece of news is for you.

The app is getting so much more useful, giving users the chance to take a step back from Photoshop and carry out their picture editing processes on the app.

The Paint application just got a new beta update on Canary and the Dev Channel for Windows. And this includes the ease with which users can now get rid of backgrounds through a few simple clicks of a button.

All you need to do is place your image that needs to be edited on top of a giant blank Canvas. Simply after that, you can select the latest background removal feature. This is found right beneath the section for Image across the toolbar.

Users will be given complete control of the picture and they can use the specific rectangle to choose which place they’d like to get rid of. Shortly after that, they will attain cutouts of the subject selected. And that’s it!

This new feature is said to be an update that is replacing something else that was not intended. And that was seen when some insiders from the company noticed how a version of Paint was removed and that featured a confidential sign at the top.

This indicated how the features outlined were secretive and shouldn’t be shared with anyone else. But some officials took to their account on X to outline how it was a mere accident and another update would come forward to amend it.

For the past couple of months, we’ve seen the company get super busy and provide updates for Paint. And we can now say that after rollouts like these, people are falling in love even more.

Remember, the app similarly launched a new Dark Mode, several weeks back. And that gain was loved by the users.

Now, there is yet to be any affirmation in terms of when we can see the launch of the new background removal feature. But many people do hope it happens sooner than later. However, the latest on this front is that a widespread rollout could come as early as a few months.

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