The iPhone 15 Is Out But Is It Really Worth It? This New Survey Explains How People Feel About Apple's Latest Launch

Tech giant Apple has just launched the latest iPhone 15 with a bang and many fans were at the edge of their seats to see what extravaganza this new model would bring forward for them to cherish.

And needless to say, there’s a lot worth raving about but the real question is whether or not the investment is worth it.

For those who might not be aware, tech giant Apple requires the iPhone because it provides the firm with more than 50% of its yearly sales. Hence, it’s definitely one venture that it does not plan on ending any time soon. Meanwhile, thanks to a new survey conducted by WalletHub, we’re getting responses about whether or not this device is worth taking a loan or going into debt for.

And by the responses generated so far, one thing is for sure. The company might be in a little trouble if fans aren’t super excited or willing to take the leap and allow for a huge dent in their pocket.

The survey featured close to 240 individuals and it was carried out for a week in the month of September. This was right before an announcement was made regarding the latest lineup for this year of the iPhone 15.

Hence, the famous personal finance webpage asked individuals more about the new device and what plans they had in terms of making a buy. And we found the results in the form of an infographic.

The figures delineated how a unique Apple-focused method was approached for the information. However, full details can be attained from the company’s full report to get more insights. But for our readers, we’re giving you just the jist of it.

As mentioned in the past, nearly 21% of individuals feel it’s worth entering the debt phase for the new device but 79% of individuals feel it’s not such a great idea after all. More information proved how 63% aren’t ready or willing to take the plunge and purchase the latest offering by Apple, at least in 2023 alone. And then close to 74% felt the latest iPhone device is super overrated and that’s right before the real announcement was put forward.

Follow-up queries on how complex people feel regarding the handsets that they have today showed how 39% of individuals felt their devices are the single most crucial belonging. But in terms of other people’s devices and lifestyles, just 16% felt having the best iPhone or the latest model was an indicator of someone who’s struggling financially. That meant 84% had other better things to do like paying bills.

In fact, so many individuals see a person who has the newest variant as a complete waste of resources, and 21% felt they were super rich and flashy or just insecure about owning a regular device. Furthermore, the study showed how just 15% viewed the latest device as being savvy which we thought was interesting as it was the only best adjective for that bunch of individuals.

Another interesting and smart thing that we observed was when respondents spoke about purchasing smartphones by paying the entire bill in one go and the 62% majority outlined that in detail. Meanwhile, just 38% opted for installments and while that does end up costing them more in the long term, the thought of buying now and paying later is deemed to be the latest norm in the world of online shopping.

What about you? Let us know your thoughts on purchasing the latest iPhone and if you’re willing to take the plunge with the heavy purchase or not?

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