Investing In Apple Shares Instead Of Purchasing The Latest iPhone Will Leave You With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models by Apple have been released and it’s the tech news that fans from all over the world were waiting for.

All eyes were on the launch event by one of the world’s most successful firms and things went down as planned. People were mesmerized by the product on display and simply couldn’t wait to get their hands on it.

The price tag was huge but the investment that many were making was worth it, in their opinion. Did we mention how it’s bigger and better in so many ways?

From major camera upgrades to a body built from titanium, not to mention an innovative action button too- the product is blowing people’s minds. And the latest on this front is that it sold out without delay.

But have you ever wondered what would happen or where you’d be if you ended up purchasing the new iPhone each time the company made it a point to unveil another one, instead of actually thinking outside the box and investing in the leading firm’s shares?

We’re not being hypothetical here and the news is raving online after one tweet went on to mention how purchasing shares in Apple for the amount you spent on the iPhone, could have resulted in millions of dollars. But wait, it’s not exactly true and we see the math here being a little off, as recalculated TechCrunch.

If you actually end up doing the calculations correctly, the most you’d have is around $1.5 million. Again, not bad being a millionaire. But that’s only if you had done that since the year 2007 and were smart enough to look up prices when Apple was rolling out phones from the start.

Experts actually have found a better way of calculating this. And what it would be like to purchase the best iPhone at every company launch event and compare it with the same value of stock invested.

Once you did that, you would have used close to $16k on Apple’s devices across the years. And then investing in the stocks for the company would leave you with many more gains instead of losses. Think along the lines of $147k so here, you’re profiting by a huge figure of nearly $131k.

Take a look at the infographic below for more insights on which was the better investment, Apple Shares or iPhones?

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