The Battle of the Social Titans X vs. Threads - By the Numbers

Have you ever watched WWE? If yes, your childhood was amazing watching all those great wrestlers fighting with the best stunts. But beware, do not try this at home. Our social media platforms may not have heard this warning. In the ever-evolving realm of social media, the clash of titans continues as X (formerly known as Twitter) and Threads, Meta's challenger, vie for supremacy. After an initial surge in popularity, Threads has settled into a more predictable pattern of downloads, prompting us to scrutinize the numbers and gauge how it stacks up against the well-established X.

Threads made a big splash, becoming the most downloaded software on both the Software Store and Google Play, breaking records along the way. However, its spectacular ascent was followed by a drop in downloads, and it eventually steadied at levels expected of a new social media app.

Now that the initial excitement has passed, the critical question emerges: How do Threads' download figures compare to X's?

Our estimations reveal that Threads accumulated a substantial 32 million new downloads since the start of August. Impressively, the distribution between the App Store and Google Play was relatively even, suggesting a concerted effort to promote the app across both platforms - a strategic move indeed.

Threads recovered quickly from its brief slump, rocketing from #32 in the US App Store to a fantastic #2 position in just a few hours.

But what about X in this equation? Well...

The significant "rebranding" of Twitter at the end of July had a tremendous influence on its discoverability, resulting in a significant decline in downloads, particularly from the Google Play Store. This topic was initially covered in full in August.

When it comes to downloads, X is currently garnering just over half the number that Twitter enjoyed. This discrepancy doesn't appear to be related to Threads or any other social platform. The primary factor at play seems to be X's relative lack of brand recognition compared to Twitter.

Since the beginning of August, X has had an estimated 15 million additional downloads from both the App Store and Google Play, a total that includes Twitter Lite downloads in India. This is nearly half of what Threads accomplished during the same time frame.
Threads, as a newcomer, is predicted to outperform existing social platforms, especially considering its affiliation with Meta and large user base. However, for the minds behind X, this isn't always cause for alarm. The actual difficulty stems from social platforms' intrinsic stickiness. Switching from Twitter to Threads or any other option is a daunting endeavor for most users after more than a decade of use.

When comparing X's relatively unestablished brand with Meta's robust promotional efforts, it becomes evident that this could spell trouble for X's long-term growth prospects. However, X boasts something that Threads currently lacks - a mature platform brimming with features and a monetary rewards system designed to motivate users. Threads, on the other hand, is yet to introduce such incentives.

Predicting the ultimate victor in this clash of titans is a challenging endeavor, but history tells us that one will inevitably prevail. The question remains: Who will emerge victorious?

Brand awareness and user loyalty are significant assets in this fast-paced digital arena, but creative features and user incentives are equally potent. As we watch the struggle between X and Threads unfold, one thing is for sure: the platform that can strike the proper balance between established reputation and fresh allure will influence the future of social media. The stakes are enormous, and the entire world is waiting to see who will emerge as the ruling social media titan.

Is Threads Still a Threat to X - Here are the Numbers
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