Snapchat Is Losing Its Grip on Teens

Gone are the days when Snapchat was considered to be the leading social media platform for the younger generation. Today, that’s not the case as proved by a new report that says teenagers are no longer spending time on the app.

Hence, if you’ve got a teenager living with you and their phones continuously buzz, there’s a very good probability that the buzz is not linked to the Snapchat app. It’s probably the usual notifications coming from the same apps that they spend the most time on.

This particular research study included 203 teenagers from the US who fell under the 11 to 17 age bracket. It proved how young kids are getting around 237 alerts on a daily basis and yes, that’s a lot. What’s shocking is how most of the alerts arise during school hours. Moreover, they really begin popping off during the evening hours and are non-stop, even when someone is sleeping.

The study also shed light on how a lot of the devices affect users’ sleep and 49% of the majority claim the effects cannot be ignored. Another 18% talk about how they stay awake most of the time for this very reason.

As per this specific study, most teenagers’ devices continue to generate alerts with close to 5000 per day. Moreover, to keep on checking such notifications is certainly a huge distraction that keeps students away from daily activities and their necessary school. Truly, it’s a lifestyle change and some teenagers continue to get fueled by the huge hits received, thanks to chemical signals popping up in the brain that are generated close to 1000 a day, if not 100.

Many of these alerts arose from friends who produce text messages as well as memes on social media. In this research, each participant was told to download tracking applications across their devices such as Snapchat, Facebook, and even Instagram. As a whole, two applications appeared to dominate the world when it came down to the younger user lot. And they were TikTok and YouTube.

As far as TikTok is concerned, a lot of the students were smart enough to view videos between classes or during a particular chat. Moreover, 38% of everyday usage arose from the application itself. But a lot of others were busy watching content on YouTube. And 18% mentioned how the time was spent across the video streaming app. Therefore, it’s interesting how children are taking a step back from platforms like Snapchat and Instagram that were deemed to be the most popular.

Now, it appears that video apps are the ones that are leading the pack in terms of favorites for children. The famous video streams have people talking and they manage to attract a lot of individuals. As we’re already aware Instagram has been super popular for the millennial age group but seeing this type of feedback for Snapchat is definitely worrying for obvious reasons.

Most Gen Z users appear to fall off the app’s bandwagon and the firm has even made attempts to target a bigger audience. Moreover, the platform has some major plans to help introduce more attractive features so that adults continue to remain attracted.

The app’s CEO says the target is to get more audiences from places like Spain, Mexico, and even Italy and Japan. And for that, a lot of coordination would be necessary.

The news comes at a time when we saw the platform celebrate a new milestone of 397 million active users around the globe for Q2 of 2023.

The Two Apps That Rule Our Screens: TikTok and YouTube
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