iPhone Versus Android: Marques Brownlee Has The Answer Smartphone Enthusiasts Need

It wouldn’t be wrong to mention that smartphone enthusiasts really do struggle sometimes in deciding whether iPhone or Android is superior. It’s a debate that most experts feel has been dragged on for far too long.

But thanks to Marques Brownless, we may finally have gotten the response that paves the way toward the truth. Before we forget, it’s much more satisfying to hear his point of view against what Instagram's Adam Mosseri was mentioning through a post published via his Threads account.

For starters, the key is to come into the debate with an open mind. You want to hear both sides of the spectrum and not enter the conversation with a clear favorite because that just makes it harder to judge, Marques explains.

If you’re a fan of customization and wish to make the device accustomed to your little finicky demands like switching around the home screen and how apps are placed, you’ll notice how such details go a long way in terms of choosing your smartphone.

Customization: Apple Lets You Play But Not All The Way

With the launch of iOS 17 and Android 14, we saw how things were pretty similar. Let’s not forget how the latest update by iOS 17 brought tons of changes like color, settings, widgets, and more for customization. But users are always restricted to doing things the Apple way and that’s not a great feeling when you’re restricted and can’t follow your own heart.

Meanwhile, Android is quite different as it gives users the chance to play around as per their free will. We saw even more changes for widget sizes, themes, colors, and much more take center stage. So you can do whatever you want, unlike Apple. Even things like placing the app where you want can’t be done easily. Clearly, Android wins here!

Features: Here’s Why Android Jumps Ahead

Which smartphone lets you do more stuff than the other? We agree that neither is perfect and both have their respective shortcomings. But in 2023, they’re quite similar to one another and continue to take inspiration from each other.

We’re seeing a new Focus mode, privacy features, and Dynamic Island launch for iOS. But the edge goes to Android because it has more options to manage files and folders, gaming-specific features, ways to enhance battery, independent sound controls, and more.

Which One Is Easier To Use?

It’s a very intricate balancing act and when you’ve got a ton of features, users want flexibility but don’t wish to feel overwhelmed.

This is where the iPhone continues to excel for years. Since the start, the phone icon stays green and is found in the same position, not to mention the settings have been found in the same folder for years. We’re talking 17 years and the format is classically the same.

Android does like to play around even more, and that can confuse users sometimes because innovation isn’t

Let’s not forget how customer service is better for Apple users as Service Centers are found everywhere around the globe. Hence, iPhones are winning here big time.

Updates: Which Phone Provides Better Support

When buying your phone, your top priority should revolve around getting the latest updates and having the most modern software system. After all, phones are huge investments and while most of them fail to make it a priority, you might want to consider it next time you buy your device.

In this regard, both phones are a mixed bag. Some make big updates and Samsung is known as the king in this regard with Google coming in a close second for Android devices. But none come close to the iPhone. You’re getting five major software version updates so Apple wins!

Apps: One Is More Fascinating Than The Other

Today, we’ve got 3.5 million apps in the Google Play Store and 1 million apps in Apple’s App Store. But it’s quality over quantity here and Apple is leading the pack for sure, Brownlee adds.

Ecosystem: Apple Builds Bigger Walls

The privacy for iPhones is unmatchable to others but Samsung is very close in that regard. Some people love the fact that Apple is so exclusive for its users but Samsung really does provide greater flexibility. However, Apple’s ecosystem is easy to use and very uniform. All you need to do is press one button to use your webcam!

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