Google Is Nearing Its 25th Birthday Celebrations But AI Is The Only Thing On Its CEO’s Mind

Search engine giant Google is getting close to celebrating its historic 25th birthday. But the only thing that seems to be on its CEO’s mind right now is AI.

The company has undoubtedly made a huge contribution to the evolution of the history of the World Wide Web. However, Sundar Pichai claims that the world of AI is going to only get bigger and better than what most of us may have assumed.

The latest updates on this matter were unveiled through a blog post by the Google chief himself. He’s been in power since the year 2015 and he claims that AI is going to take on a massive technical shift while we’re in existence. And Pichai feels it’s a massive deal, probably bigger than what the internet poses itself.

We’ve seen the tech giant play leading roles in terms of how the internet functions for quite some time now. It’s true that the cofounders have really gone the extra mile to make sure everyone has access to it around the world.

But thanks to the uprising of AI technology, and the rollout of revolutionary tools like ChatGPT, we’ve seen so many companies racing ahead to adopt the new trend. After all, AI brings with it a lot of offerings and a brand new approach to looking for data, among a leading number of other uses.

The firm also has a long-term history of working by the side of AI, especially after it took on the firm DeepMind for a whopping $500 million. But that was not an easy purchase as the competition was tough and we saw people now generating prompts to chatbots and getting immediate responses with great accuracy. Clearly, that meant Google had to pull its socks up if it wished to gain more momentum in the AI race.

Soon, we saw the Android maker become awfully worried about the role of AI and how swiftly it was affecting the digital world. This was to such an extent that the CEO launched code red, shortly after the ChatGPT rollout in 2022. Then we saw speculations related to how Brin continued to pay visits to the company’s head office at a more frequent pace than before, just because greater work on AI endeavors was happening.

In the blog that Pichai just sent out, he says AI really did prove to be a revolution in terms of technology today. It rewired the entire system and was a great form of acceleration of the concept linked to human ingenuity.

The firm had its own fair share of rollouts in the AI world including the chatbot dubbed Bard. This was launched in the month of February and now, more news about the launch of another AI project called Gemini is taking center stage. This would serve as fierce competition for GPT models by OpenAI.

Clearly, the goal seems to be making the concept of AI more useful for the world’s users and ensuring it’s approached in a more sensible and responsible manner, the Google CEO adds. Only then can it prove to serve great benefits that are actually worth it, he further explained.

And that is the same mission that Google plans on fulfilling in the upcoming ten years and even after that.

While no other updates were provided in this regard, and no queries were answered by the tech giant’s spokesperson, we can see that Google is definitely taking AI more seriously than others. And seeing the CEO take the lead during a time of great celebrations for the company is proof of just that.

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