Elon Musk Issues Insightful Remarks On X Usage And It’s Clear That People Are More Hesitant To Post On X In Comparison To Twitter

It’s safe to say that Twitter's rebranding as X isn’t being loved by all.

The news comes as the company’s head issued some very insightful remarks about X’s usage and how it’s just not what it used to be when we had Twitter.

Speaking during an exclusive interview on Monday, the billionaire revealed how the stats continue to alter under his leadership.

On so many occasions, we’ve seen him mention how X keeps on reaching a new high but he never went into detail about stats. And that just makes it so much harder to compare it with other arch-rival platforms. Remember, the latter also don’t like sharing information.

Meanwhile, Musk continues to vaguely praise his company and how usage keeps on increasing when compared to what we saw in the past. Today, the usage has been described as 253 million daily activities and per month, it’s gone up to 540 million monthly users who are active on the app.

In the same way, the tech entrepreneur also added how the usage keeps on rising in terms of discussion too, putting out more similar stats that are worth a mention.

As Musk explained, the systems keeps on fluctuating in terms of how many posts people are publishing each day.

As one can imagine, posts in the 100 to 200 million category are certainly a lot but if we do take those stats to be right, it means people are certainly putting out posts that are fewer than what we saw on Twitter.

Remember, in the year 2013, the platform reported an average of 500 million posts that were getting generated on a daily basis. This is a figure that keeps on being reiterated and is used as the key benchmark to evaluate performance across the board.

Moreover, we even saw the company roll out the same threshold for March 2023 and that was included in a blog post related to recommendation algorithms. They shed light on how the Twitter app is designed to give out the best news in terms of what’s taking place right now.

And that requires a thorough recommendation algorithm that generates a whopping 500 million Tweets generated on a daily basis. But that’s down to just the algorithm rolling out the most trending tweets of them all that arise on the app of users.

Hence, you can only imagine how the stats are much less on X than what we had on the Twitter app. To be more specific, it’s like a 40% decline.

The billionaire owner did add how he is not even quoting any reposts generated from such a figure, and that could be a leading cause of the whole calculation. Moreover, X added how he is doing well in terms of getting rid of the long list of bots, which is another major hit in terms of usage or activity.

Whatever the case may be, the change is major and cannot be denied. And that does make some sense because when you look at the bigger picture and how using social media is trending and how people are not willing to make their posts public, the figure aligns with those thoughts. But the X app does need usage to stay alive and ensure people come back to post more and more.

Meanwhile, another study carried out two years back revealed how the top 25% of those who are the most active on the Twitter app happen to be rolling out close to 97% of the tweets that were visible at that time.

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