Concerns On The Rise As Teachers Are Wrongly Accusing Students Of Using AI

The uprising of AI-themed tools such as ChatGPT has sparked a lot of intrigue as well as concern.

Many are calling it a double-edged sword and we can only understand why. See, the reasoning is simple - it’s helpful yet it’s harmful. Moreover, let’s not forget how there’s plenty of debate when it comes to the educational world.

What happens when an outsider claims your work is a copy? But in all reality, it’s your blood and sweat that has brought you this far. How can you convince a teacher that you didn’t copy or cheat and that the matter written is not produced by AI but generated through the likes of your own mind?

Clearly, there’s plenty of apprehension regarding the misuse this has in the world of academia.

Thanks to this new study, more awareness is being shared on this prospect. We’re seeing college students dig deep into their sentiments and get accused of using AI to perform their graded work.

Researchers from Drexel University mentioned how their findings had to do with nearly 49 posts coming from the Reddit platform. This gave rise to a new conversation that sparked plenty of interest. Moreover, the posts were produced by the kids themselves but the system flogged it as plagiarism and made use of the popular AI tool ChatGPT.

As one can imagine, frustration continues to run at an all-time high and most people spoke about their innocence. Now, out of the 49 posts pinned to Reddit, 38 students mentioned they didn’t use the likes of ChatGPT. But Turnitin painted a whole new picture and it was later explained how such students were wrongly called out because the software made an error.

Now as one can imagine, this is a really big deal. We’re talking about work produced through AI and that caused students to be accused of wrong they never did.

Therefore, more questions are being raised in terms of doubts regarding how accurate such programs tend to be. And that results in more discussions about how one can stay protected and prevent this.

Many people also mentioned that the accuracy of such programs has often caused discussions regarding false accusations.

The system today, be it schools or colleges is relying on AI and some feel that maybe they’re putting too much emphasis on tools that are imperfect and that could have drastic effects on their future.

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