Apple’s Two-Year Free Deal For Emergency SOS Satellite Technology Sticks Around For New iPhone 15

Leading iPhone maker Apple rolled out its emergency SOS feature that’s powered by satellite technology last year. This meant all the iPhone 14 renditions would be getting it.

This came with the added incentive that it would be free of cost for two years and now, we’re hearing more about the rollout with the latest iPhone 15 model too. Yes, it’s sticking around for the latest iPhone variant as well, the company highlighted recently.

Similarly, the Cupertino firm did explain how the number of nations that will be getting support will also increase to 16 before the year ends.

The latest Emergency SOS that’s powered through satellite will only work on iPhone 14 models and those after that. So if you happen to own an older model, you’ll have to revamp to a newer edition if you’d like to make the most of this.

For those who may not be aware, the feature is designed to provide users with emergency services in cases when there’s little to no cellular network coverage. And the latest on this front is how the company is even planning to roll out roadside assistance too. Both Apple as well as AAA are joining hands to provide support for the endeavor, they confirmed today.

The main Emergency SOS rollout was initially rolled out in just two nations, the US and Canada. And ever since that launch, the company has opted to roll it out in more than a dozen other nations.

At the event, the tech giant also explained how European countries like Spain and Switzerland will be getting access to the technology before 2023 ends. So if you’re located in both of these countries, you can be part of the first few to benefit.

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