Apple’s Latest iPhone 15 Pro Max Scores Big In DXOMARK’s In-Depth Camera Review

We all know that the latest iPhone Pro Max had a lot of hopes riding on it in terms of superior performance, features, and of course the camera.

Now, we’re getting the latest insights on that front including how the device has a camera worth raving for after it scored high on DXOMARK’s latest in-depth camera evaluation.

The hot and happening flagship device by the Cupertino firm has been called out as having the best color, video, and color stabilization offerings out there in the market today. But it was not all positive as proven by the new review.

The latest iPhone Pro Max does have several drawbacks which dragged it down to the second position on the list, overall. This included the massive gap in the phone’s field of vision that is located in the middle of the main sensor as well as the telephoto lens. Other than that, there are some more disadvantages that just made it score 154, a little less than what was needed to snitch the top spot.

Furthermore, when it comes down to video performance, the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max scored big. It was the frontrunner for nearly every single subcategory out there, other than a few such as texture and the inclusion of artifacts.

To be more specific, a value of 4k60fps for the phone’s Dolby Vision HDR while making a video was outlined for testing. In the same manner, there was video exposure as well as the color that remained constant in the majority of the situations while the tradeoff witnessed between texture and noise was one of the best we’ve witnessed until today.

Yes, DXOMARK did a great job in terms of figures for its Dolby Vision recording, and that made so much sense for a lot of people happy. But the major updates to the video of this generation have to do with stats linked to the latest LOG recording. And sadly, that was not testing like it should have been.

Moving on to other subcategories like Picture Performance, the device stole the top position for exposure, texture, and hue. As far as the tests were concerned, some loopholes were seen in terms of noise and the phone’s autofocus feature that pushed it one step backward.

Meanwhile, better portrait mode options were highlighted including a more in-depth feature for capturing pictures. Similarly, the right type of skin tone detection allowed the phone to lead the pack for the Friends and Family category. Meanwhile, the latest 24MP output outside the 48MP sensor was hailed for giving users a greater sense of detail and focus during standing filming situations.

As far as which phone took over as the leading device during the testing phase by DXOMARK, it was no surprise here as Huawei’s P60 Pro led the pack as predicted. This device is currently the best in the market with its 48MP main camera and telephoto that’s 48MP 90mm. Surprisingly, while the optical zoom is 3.5 times greater than the main camera, it gives the phone the chance to secure greater detail arising across the mid-telephoto range, much more than what the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max is capable of. Hence, this kind of telephoto trade-off was of clear interest for obvious reasons.

Whatever the case may be, Apple’s Pro Max continued to capture quite a lot of detail but when it was cropped to an image of 80mm, that proved a huge amount of picture degradation that expert reviewers said was worth a mention.

Photo: Amanz / Unsplash

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