Apple Under Fire As Consumers Report Major Overheating Problems With The New iPhone 15 And iPhone 15 Pro Models

The new iPhone 15 launch by Apple has taken place and it’s safe to say that the company did a great job in terms of rolling out a device that left very little to the imagination. But what the Cupertino firm failed to address was the growing number of overheating issues that customers aren’t pleased with.

The figure for reports generating the same complaint regarding the iPhone 15 device getting overheated has arisen on all models, including the iPhone 15 Pro. And when you are paying this much, it’s the last thing anyone would ever want.

Stats gathered with the help of infrared cameras proved how temperatures rose to a whopping 116 Fahrenheit. How’s that for some shocking news?

The matter is really concerning and now that we know for sure that the entire lineup for iPhone 15 is included, owners claim that the situation is so drastic that you can’t even hold the device without using a case!

Some avid iPhone users reported how the issue regarding the latest models arose while it was on fast charge through wired connections. The news is baffling the masses because those who once looked down on such news as mere rumors are now coming forward to have their say and they are far from pleased.

Other reports hinted at how the matter was the hottest when it attained the 25 to 60% range for charging. And when it was beyond the 70% battery percentage, things did end up cooling down to a significant degree.

Photo: Samuel Angor / Unsplash

Meanwhile, a few other reports are now arising and they speak about a similar matter but not linked to charging. This has to do with you utilizing the device for tasks that are considered undemanding such as browsing search engines or simply going through social media.

Experts claim that it’s important to note how the matter isn’t unusual when iPhones are overheated during their initial 24-hour usage period or a few hours post the setup period. And that is really true when you’re setting up the device with assistance taken from another phone from the past or through iCloud backup. After all, there’s so much activity arising in the background in this timeframe such as reinstalling and even re-indexing.

So far, the reports we’ve been noticing were provided from a long list of reviewers and they arose when access was provided to devices that are beyond the usual setup timeframe.

One leading YouTuber even added how the results of his overheating device of the new iPhone were documented via a camera featuring thermal imaging. It provides a proper display of the temperatures of several devices that the expert used and how hot the phones ended up getting.

Photo: BullsLab / YT

The latest lineup of experiments also provides how some models soared to a whopping 46.7 centigrade mark but it was outlined as happening during a very demanding period of use. Thankfully, not everyone has the same line of complaints. The Majority of others claim that the problem is not as severe, even with tasks outlined to be undemanding.

Some common issues spoken about were linked to sessions where the new iPhone was used for longer periods of time. This included going from one app to the next or during periods where you’re watching a specific reel across Instagram.

In such cases, the device gets super hot on the right-hand side, toward the bottom of the device’s camera location. And that too, when gaming is not taking place and also when it’s not plugged for charging and using Wi-Fi. Therefore, you can see how the heat cannot be justified here.

One expert says most of the issues in the new iPhone 15 Pro arise because Apple compromised in the phone’s thermal system, and not really due to the new A17 Pro Chip that is 3nm and a joint venture of both Apple with TSMC. Therefore, it was easy for experts to dump the blame here.

Instead, it appears to be linked to Apple’s goal of making the new models lighter in weight than previous ones. So the new switch toward Titanium may have caused this. Hopefully, the company can overcome this with new software updates.

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