Apple Is Investing Millions In The World Of AI To Better Its Framework And Enhance Its Apple GPT

Leading iPhone maker Apple is investing millions in the world of AI and we’ve been seeing that take place over the past couple of months.

The company seems to have set its eyes on bettering its framework and own language model that’s dubbed by its own workers as Apple GPT. Moreover, the focus seems to be greater on conversational AI and adopting more automation, as mentioned by The Information.

Two months back, we saw the company working on the subject and how so many funds were being used to carry out the training of LLMs by specialist teams.

There’s been plenty of skepticism regarding the matter and that’s really true for chatbots, but the company refuses to back down and is trying to conduct trials for bots that it feels are way more modern than ChatGPT 3.5.

Thanks to the rollout of bots from Microsoft like Bing and Google like Bard, many were hoping to see Apple enter the race with a bang. And while it’s finally happening after much anticipation, it might be a tad bit behind others. So the expectations are already very high and Apple not launching conversational AI products that are more linked to consumers is definitely a tad bit worrisome. Remember, the competition is tough from fellow arch-rivals in the tech world.

Whatever the case may be, Apple is continuing with its ambitious plans that are going above the usual chatbots. One of the endeavors is linked to its Siri offering that can make tasks automated after getting commands via voice by users. Hence, you can bid farewell to iOS Shortcuts and this feature could be launched very soon on iOS 18.

Other teams would be working on videos produced by AI technology as well as any images that can comprehend the link between text, pictures, and even videos. Moreover, the firm says it’s researching more ways through which it can better privacy for AI projects too.

These updates are clear proof to the world that the tech giant is not willing to fall behind in the highly competitive AI race which is heating up. But one top analyst did speak in detail in the past month about how the Cupertino firm is really behind others.

For instance, we know that software giant Microsoft is really investing big in this area. The firm has combined AI into so many projects. This entails Bing Chat AI and other offerings that are going to be rolling out to Windows 11, among so many others.

So the race is on and frankly speaking, there are no signs of Apple slowing down. Seeing the way and speed with which it’s investing big in AI technology means it’s really taking the task seriously.

Hence, it’s only a matter of time before we see the company make headlines with some more astounding launches in this sector.

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