A Sector Breakdown of the World's Top Countries by GDP

GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is the total amount for a country's entire services made and finished goods for a particular time, as it symbolises the nation’s economic stability and growth.

The three essential pillars of GDP that are also considered the drivers of GDP are services, agriculture and industry.

The country that is at the top of the list with the highest GDP is America. The percentage for the service sector in America is 77.6%, the GDP for the industry sector is 17.9%, while for agriculture it is 1%. The GDP value per trade for America is $ 22.9.

In the second position is China, with 53.5% of the service GDP, 39.3% of industrial GDP and 7.2% for agriculture. GDP per trade for China is $ 16.9%. The third place is taken by China’s neighbour Japan, with a higher GDP in service than China, 69.9%. The industry GDP of Japan is 28.8%, and for agriculture, it is 1%, along with $5.1 GDP per trade.

The fourth place goes to European hub Germany as it got a service GDP of 62.9%, industry GDP of 26.7% and agriculture of 0.9%. $4.2 is the GDP per trade for Germany. In fifth place, the UK with a service GDP higher than Germany, China and Japan 71.6%. The GDP of agriculture for the UK is 0.7%, and industrial is 17.3%, with a $3.1 GDP per trade.

The sixth place is taken by France, with 70.3% GDP in services, 16.7% in industry, 1.6% in agriculture, and a $2.9 GDP per trade. The seventh place goes to India, which has 47.9% services GDP and 26.1% and 17.3% GDP in industry and agriculture. The eighth place is Italy, with 65% GDP in services and 22.7% and 1.9% GDP for industry and agriculture. The GDP per trade for Italy is $.2.1.

Canada ranks ninth in the list of countries with the highest GDP: services have 67.7%, industry has 24.1%, and agriculture has a 1.7% GDP contribution. Canada GDP per trade is $2. In the tenth place, we got South Korea as its services add a GDP of 57%, the industry brings 32.4%, and agriculture pushes an extra 1.8% of the GDP and has a $1.8 GDP per trade.

America has the highest GDP in the world. Around 80% of all American jobs are related to services, particularly in the private sector, such as healthcare, finance, logistics and media.

India made it in the top 10 list as it is the world's second-largest contributor to rice and wheat production, as the agriculture sector adds up to 44% of the Indian economy. The services sector has done quite well for countries like Brazil, with 58% GDP growth; Mexico, 59%; and the Philippines, with 61% support in its overall GDP value.

H/T: VisualCapitalist
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