Elon Musk Eases Requirements For X’s Creator Ads Revenue Share Plan

The rebranding of Twitter to X has not made a remarkable change in terms of performance but the hopes are still riding high for Elon Musk and his partners. They seem to be trying to pull out all the stops to ensure things move in the right direction.

Recently, he significantly reduced the eligibility requirements of the app’s revenue share program, ensuring more and more creators get the chance to participate and make the most of this profitable endeavor. And who wouldn’t wish to earn more revenue in dire times like these, right?

The screen of X has been positively impacted to ensure the qualifications are in place and that the share program only has a few major requirements, which is a huge step forward when you actually come to think of it.

For starters, you need to have a Premium X subscription for your brand. Secondly, you should have close to 5 million impressions for posts during the last three-month period. And that’s one-third of the previous 15 million figure we saw arise before. Last but not least, there will be close to 500 followers seen on the app.

The combined elements for impressions appear to be the biggest roadblock for many newbies who are just starting out as engagement is never so high at the start. But when you compare this to the past figure, it’s a huge improvement we feel, and one that Musk has designed to ensure maximal benefits could be attained.

During the initial rollout of this program, we saw close to 5 million impressions be outlined, which went up to 15 million, and now it’s back down to 5 million, allowing plenty of individuals to breathe a massive sigh of relief.

The less the figure for total impressions, the fewer ad impressions can arise and that also means payments would be of fewer revenue shares. So if you happen to be a newbie and wish to earn a million in no time, that indeed won’t be happening on X, anytime soon.

Whatever the case may be, we just feel the thoughts of getting paid to put out posts on a platform like X is a huge bonus and if that really ends up offsetting the costs linked to Premium subscriptions, what could possibly be better?

But we’re still trying to figure out the entire process of working behind some programs and what the chances are to get the best results.

For now, the advertising revenue program for creators will only function based on ad impressions that are viewed by users that come under the verified status, who can be found in the replies sections for posts of the app.

Today, just 0.05% of the users of X are actually Premium Subscribers so there is just a tiny figure when it comes down to ads being exposed to the masses. Still, the app is not giving up just yet. They’re trying to do everything in their power to really get more people on board and after witnessing close to a 50% decline in the total spending for ads, any gain would mean the world to Musk and his executives.

There’s a lot of risk involved when you happen to be dealing with such less exposure and a small figure for ads. Moreover, it would invite so many more people to put up posts that attract those who adore adding comments, and that would attract the platform’s advertising revenue stream.

On the contrary, you may also now see more posts on the platform where people are triggered by hatred-themed posts. While both happiness and joy are two types of feelings that generate a lot of engagement online, it’s a mixed bag of goodies that really can take any form online.

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