X Spaces Users Can Finally Log In As Speakers On Desktop Livestreaming Sessions

With the feature being tested for quite some time now, we’re finally seeing some great news for X Spaces users who like to engage in the app’s audio chats.

Now, you can log into the app as a speaker and take part in the chats for live-streaming sessions through the desktop too. Moreover, it’s just another seamless way to participate through audio chats, the app explained today.

An example was provided to make things clearer and it’s great how users could send requests to talk through desktop versions. It’s like another wonderful means to make the most of the whole Spaces experience, the company adds.

For a while now, we’re seeing so many users listen to chats on Spaces through desktops but not being able to engage. And that’s shocking because the purpose revolved around the idea of mobile functionality.

For months, people saw this as one major limiting factor that podcasters couldn’t seem to get enough of. Many people also had to resort to using upgraded equipment that was on the pricier end. The mobile microphone did not offer the same type of customization either, and neither was there an option for controlling in-stream too.

Since May, X says its team has been trying long and hard to address the concerns and it's trying to make a huge push that ensures better creation of content on the platform and ways to get people to engage more through live streams and broadcasts. Thankfully, it’s finally here and Spaces users claim you can make the most of this totally functional feature. However, some users did say it’s suffering from glitches for now.

On the other hand, X is also believed to be busy trying to improve the app’s Media Studio offerings. This might give out a long list of options that some people can use and make the most of audio equipment for professional use through these streaming sessions.

Musk who is the company’s CTO added how the rollouts for the Media Studio are on their way soon and that’s expected to entail some more tools for live stream sessions. It would ensure video streaming and audio streaming and provide some more ways through which you can make the most of Spaces via professional broadcasts. But at the end of the day, it’s for those that pay extra through Blue Subscriptions so please be mindful of that, since Media Studio isn’t for free.

In case you do happen to be extra serious about things like streaming, and the X app does help you get the right connection from audience members, then we’re sure you’ll love the news. Ideally, you will also be seen building the right audience that qualifies for the app’s ad revenue-sharing initiative. In the end, it would put the costs of this membership on the side as you benefit greatly.

The app says that is the real vision it has. Elon Musk wishes his X platform really does end up being a useful source for creators and by giving them more options for revenue share, along with the best tools in the industry, we’re seeing better content arise on the app, and that would attract a lot more viewership and some more advertisers.

We can definitely see this new step being taken by the company regarding desktop streaming to be one that moves in that direction. And it will just assist in creating the most interest for the Spaces platform.

Clearly, after all the setbacks of Twitter, Musk’s rebranding to X is on the search for all the leads that will keep users happy and coming back for more.

H/T: SocialMediaToday / Andrew Hutchinson

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