Twitter's Musk-ical Takeover: @Music Account Snatched by Elon's X

Hold onto your headphones, music lovers, because the Twitter-sphere just hit a high note of drama! Consider this: you've been running the show on Twitter for 16 years with your own @music account. You're dancing along, tweeting about songs and swapping rhythms, until Elon Musk's X swoops in and claims it like a cunning musical magician.

Meet Jeremy Vaught, the maestro behind @music, who has had his baton grabbed by none other than Elon Musk's corporation. Vaught wasn't delighted with the impromptu musical chairs game. He sounded off on his personal Twitter, "Just now, Twitter/X just ripped it away. Super pissed." Ouch, seems like someone hit a sour note.

This isn't Elon X's first time playing the account acquisition game. They stole the @X account from another user last week. It's as if they're collecting Twitter handles in the same manner that we collect movie ticket stubs - just without asking.

What's the big deal, you may be wondering? The @music account, on the other hand, was formerly Twitter's melodic megaphone, blaring out new songs and artists for everyone to dance to. But, like a one-hit wonder, it was discontinued. What exactly does Elon's X do? It transfers all of its music energy to the @music account, establishing it as its new platform for something major.

What exactly is that "something big," you ask? Imagine a world where the X Factor dominates your music-listening experience. Elon's team might secretly cook up a music-streaming service that could make your tunes feel like they're on the red carpet. It's like turning up the volume on a blockbuster film - enormous, bold, and eager to take over the world.

But wait, there's more to this tech song. Vaught's previous @music account is still active. He's hit a home run with his new account, @musicfan, where he's still spreading music magic throughout the world. And guess what? It's as though he's taken the stage at a different location and is still rocking out.

So, what prompted Vaught to begin this Twitter symphony in the first place? He turns out to be a music fan who wants to offer underground bands a platform. He used to construct @music to promote and distribute the sounds of such virtual-world performers. Fast forward to today, and he's got over 450,000 followers grooving to his beats.

You might be wondering if Elon's X is dancing to Vaught's music. They haven't said anything yet. In an unexpected twist, they gave Vaught the opportunity to choose a new handle. Try @musiclover, @musicmusic, or @music123. It's almost like an X crew remix of his internet persona.

So there you have it: a Twitter takeover story with music, Musk, and a sprinkling of digital drama. Will Vaught's songs continue to be played on his new stage, or will Elon's X hit a high note with its music-streaming extravaganza? It's a suspenseful symphony, and the curtain has just been raised. Stay tuned for the next verse in this social media serenade!

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