What’s Trending In The SEO Landscape For 2023? This New Report Has The Latest Updates

It wouldn’t be wrong to mention how 2023 has brought forward a long list of changes for those professionals hailing from the SEO industry. And many of the changes served as major hurdles but you cannot forget the great many opportunities that arose as well.

The SEO landscape did undergo quite a bit of reshaping and we saw competition reach new heights while the launch of generative AI boomed like no other technology out there today.

Thanks to the Search Engine Journal, we were able to get the latest insights from over 3800 SEO experts from a wide range of backgrounds. This would unveil the newest trends taking place in the industry. We’re outlining them for our readers below to help them achieve the growth and transition required to enter the next step in their career as an SEO professional.

A total of three integral parameters were outlined from this industry. These were highlighted as causing a major shakeup.

For starters, most professionals reported in detail how much they struggled with content strategy. Then we saw search engine giant Google revamp the guidelines for rating quality where they were left with no choice but to include experience, trust, with authority to the criteria.

Next up, we saw them mention more about how hard it was to prove and even track the values for SEO. A large figure of experts attained budget approvals and even had problems related to client relationships being listed as hurdles. That went on to indicate how much of a struggle it was to communicate the significance and effect of the work in such a competitive industry today.

Thirdly, we saw generative AI be listed down as getting the right kind of help to better content generation. This would execute a distinctive pattern for results but that also means it’s getting harder and harder to produce results that are unique and serve as competition for others. Still, professionals do hold great optimism about them serving as the best source of help to attain great outcomes.

Among the 3800 professionals hailing from the SEO industry, we were provided with more insights regarding how to get better success. Below, we’re unveiling the main highlights explored.

Competition sought for getting new talent onboard seems to be the leading point of interest of experts and they feel that can really cause a major shift in the industry. Secondly, attaining the 5-year milestone is another crucial point of interest in any SEO professional’s career. Stats proved how close to 49% of those in the manager role while 56% in the director position were seen having as much as 5 to 10 years of experience.

Then, close to 27% of those in the manager role had work experience in the 2 to 4-year bracket and that shed light on how much demand there was on nailing your SEO skills. But on the other hand, those having less than 5 years of experience are on the rise to getting better and newer opportunities and they’re doing everything in their power to seek that.

Lastly, close to 78% of those studied from the SEO industry had designated themselves as a freelancer possessing experience of five years or less. Meanwhile, 69% are turning to firms in the hopes of great job opportunities for leading positions. And they are more keen on receiving SEO agency positions than getting the classic in-house role.

Lastly, 48% of experts are seeking higher budgets while 42% don’t see budgets changing must. And in terms of indicators for success, raw traffic isn’t being relied upon much.

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