What’s Causing The Average Selling Price Of iPhones In The US To Drop? This Report Has The Answer

When it comes to iPhones from tech giant Apple, we all know that it’s a pricey affair.

The costs have been spiraling in an upward direction since the start of the year 2017 and it never looked back. But wait, we may have spoken too soon.

Top tech analysts at CIRP are finally seeing a unique trend that arose in June’s Quarterly results. The metric is declining for the first time and there’s one thing on everyone’s mind. What could possibly be the reason behind this ordeal?

The latest stats from CIRP claim that the retail expenses for the iPhone in the US stood at $988 during the quarterly results for March and then hit $948 for the quarter in June of this year.

Some felt that a leading factor could be the storage of the device which directly takes a toll on price. But the experts at CIRP were too busy emphasizing which models the majority were turning to in the company’s latest research.

One thing is for sure. There’s a certain shift from people going to the Pro version of the device. Around 46% of the sales stats showed iPhone 13 Pro or the Pro Max variant while the 13 Mini and 13 had 30% of the sales.

This may as well be the beginning of a new shift when it comes down to a flip in trends. Just one year back, the CIRP witnessed the 13 Pro variant become the highest-selling phone, taking a whopping 29% share.

In June, we saw the iPhone hold a bigger share of sales which stood at 24% while those for 14 Pro were 21% and 14 Pro Max was just 22%.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 is priced at $799 which is close to $200 less than the figure seen for 14 Pro and a whopping $300 less than the iPhone 14 Pro Max version. So it does not really make a huge change in the volume of sales that would really affect the device’s average cost for selling.

We can say for sure that the replacement of the iPhone 13 mini with the iPhone 14 Plus assisted in keeping the price from falling further between the 2022 and 2023 period for comparisons. Still, it just fell short of the pro variants.

Now, it’s going to be very unique to keep a lookout for the average selling prices and model variants for the tech giant during the holiday season and see how the trend fares during this festive period. After all, sales do tend to go higher in the annual holiday time period, more than any other time in the whole year.

Let’s not forget how tech giant Apple is finally unveiling its iPhone 15 variant next month, September 22 when both regular and Pro models would be launched. And what better time period would such devices look enticing than the holiday season, right?

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