The App Money-Makers: From TikTok to LinkedIn, Who's Cashing In

Hold onto your digital hats because ChatGPT just crunched the numbers and boy, are they juicy! We're talking about those handy tiny icons on your phone that are raking in the dough. What's more, guess what? It's not only about the United States; we're going global, baby!

Let's get down to business. But first, consider a future where applications go on dates, binge-watch shows, and network at lightning-fast conferences. Doesn't this seem like a strange movie plot? Well, the top-grossing applications have done their version of everything!

TikTok, the app that has everyone dancing, lip-syncing, and perhaps even air-guitaring (we made it up, but who knows? ), is leading the charge. In July, TikTok earned a stunning $177 million globally. That's like buying a gazillion ice creams – no, really!

Following that, YouTube comes in with a nice $100 million. Imagine the spectacular YouTube videos you could create with that kind of money! Tinder is not far behind, swiping its way into our wallets with a delicious $85 million - love is in the air, and so is money.

This is when things start to get interesting. Although you'd expect superheroes to dominate, the fourth and fifth slots are taken by streaming behemoths Disney+ and Max (previously HBO Max). Disney+ may have won the war in the United States, but Max is taking the world by storm. Let the streaming battles commence!

When scrolling, you won't believe who else is generating money. LinkedIn is the corporate world's smooth-talkers! Tucked away at number eight on our list, LinkedIn's net revenue for July was a cool $32 million. Consider LinkedIn profiles as dating profiles: "I love long walks on spreadsheets and candlelit Zoom calls."

Don't get the impression that applications are merely making money. They're evolving in the same way as Pokémon do (but without the ball throwing). LinkedIn has been busy growing its creator toolset, and we feel they may also start compensating creators. LinkedIn content creators are on the upswing, not Hollywood!

The top ten highest-earning applications (excluding games) earned $657 million in net income in July. That's more than enough money to buy a lifetime supply of unicorn emojis.

So, the next time you're swiping through profiles, uploading dance challenges, or binge-watching your favorite shows, remember that those apps aren't just having fun; they're laughing all the way to the bank. Continue touching, scrolling, and swiping because you never know which app will be the next to reach the summit of the money mountain!

Streaming, Dating, and Networking? The Highest Earning Apps in the World
H/T: Apfigures
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